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That Fit, We Tint"

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Friday, March 06, 2009


The Mirror: A seeded eye and a jammed-up horn

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: I can't relish the joy of others without a little jam.
W: What flavor of jam do you prefer?
M: Did you suspect me of socialist principles?
W: I didn't know that socialists prefer one flavor of jam over another.
M: (Man backs away from table)
W: Had enough jam?
M: That was like an explosion of quasi-meaning.
W: As long as the jampot didn't explode.
M: What are you consuming?
W: I am consuming thoughts of an ideal jam session.
M: Thanks for the tip.
W: Music doesn't make one gain weight.
M: Good guests are made of silver.
W: Silver spoons and silver trumpets, both used for jam (sessions).
M: People can't expect snails and turtles to go around shell-less.
W: Unless they are eating them in hors d'oeuvres and soup.
M: Great discoveries can be made in that arena, not that discoveries are in and of themselves desirable.
W: It depends if one's a vegetarian or not.
M: When you get fussy, you get quiet.
W: Do you think vegetarians are fussy?
M: He ceded his own eyes.
W: It's best to look away from the groaning board once in a while.
M: Saint Germanicus wrestled a lion in Smyrna, and lost his life thereby.
W: I guess the lion ate him, or wanted to.
M: Not quite yet.
W: But that all happened so long ago!
M: Ice.
W: It didn't happen in the last ice age, a bit later than that.
M: That's a very particular implication.
W: I thought I wasn't being specific enough!
M: Everybody felt, or heard, that ringing in the ears.
W: Church bells?
M: I am consuming thoughts of an ideal jam session.
W: Would you like to jam with handbell musicians?
M: Is that what they are?
W: Church bells are much bigger than handbells.
M: I understand some things and not others.
W: Do you understand the difference between inches and feet?
M: Are you feeling overburdened?
W: I always do when I have to do math.
M: Open such a box, yes, but do not eat such a fruit.
W: Unless making jam from it.
M: Nonsense lovers keep secret their adoration.
W: Edward Lear was said to write "nonsense."
M: Right, go for the long, three blasts and a cornea.
W: A seeded eye and a jammed-up horn.
M: There is none here that I know of.
W: Well, I was being pretty far-fetched, and non-literal.
M: Contrary to what you may believe, that response, that interaction, that entering into life's flow ...
W: Is it more flowing to be figurative?
M: What is the relation of that life resuming to life beginning truly?
W: Does life ever truly begin around here?
M: I'll add something when you're done.
W: I am done.
M: We had better close now.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!