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That Fit, We Tint"

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Friday, January 30, 2009


The Mirror: With Hemingway and Stein (and Steinway)

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: The bees are thinking of nothing but coffee tables.
W: Do bees mind having their honey stolen for tea, for the likes of us?
M: Guess.
W: I guess they would hate it, it's their life essence being plundered.
M: Hello again, I forgot something.
W: Did you forget something from yesterday?
M: But the answer is, if I just live it and don't try to psych it out, it seems to go dead on me.
W: The unexamined life not worth living, and all that?
M: Being sorry is OK, but it doesn't make me feel better.
W: Do you feel sorry when you set out to examine your life, or after you have done so?
M: The wall?
W: The wall of words, of unkept or unswept promises, the refusal to look plainly at one's "mess."
M: I don't drink coffee at all, actually, though I like steaming beverages.
W: Do bees like steam?
M: That sounds profound, but it isn't.
W: I wasn't trying to be profound!
M: It can be boring, being an extra.
W: How about being extravagant, extraordinary, extreme?
M: It sounds like music.
W: I was aiming for rhythmic movement in my alliterative line.
M: Of course we are.
W: We are lyric poets!
M: Yes, but, try it.
W: Then, when I "try," the impulse toward rough draft disappears.
M: The hand passes through smoke, yet it is touched.
W: Smoke being the scent-stuff evanescent words give off, or out.
M: I thought it was my rope.
W: A bell-pull?
M: A man took his raincoat and wore it, even though the threatening sky never delivered.
W: He was expecting disaster, and found it in his pocket, in the hem of his garment.
M: I was by your side in London and Paris.
W: With Hemingway and Stein (and Steinway)?
M: How about being extravagant, extraordinary, extreme?
W: I just was, to the limit of my current ability!
M: I don't know yet.
W: You don't know how far you can go with your writing, your sense of accomplishment?
M: Between snow and what?
W: Rain, you said before.
M: Can we verify this?
W: Sure, there is a log of every conversation.
M: I have been reading the Cantos of Ezra Pound.
W: How far have you gotten?
M: You're supposed to take it as metaphor.
W: You mean you haven't actually been reading Pound's Cantos, or that one must take them metaphorically?
M: Only find out what you sense is there, that's all.
W: I sensed and saw greatness in Pound's voice and work.
M: Open the can of snakes.
W: Are you trying to say that Ezra Pound's poetry is mere novelty, a party trick?
M: Did it ever occur to you that the devil was ill, and knew that he was ill?
W: Ah, now we're in John Gardner's novel Grendel, with the dragon/Lucifer figure.
M: Does Pinter have a powerful mirror?
W: I think Harold Pinter holds a mirror to the privileged class.
M: They say hello in an uninspiring way.
W: Well, it wouldn't be proper to overwhelm guests with an effusive greeting.
M: I have never eaten eels.
W: But have you eaten caviar?
M: I am not a little bird, more's the pity.
W: I wonder if birds eat fish roe.
M: That intrigued me.
W: In a way, it's a horrible thought.
M: My voice creates clouds of unknowing.
W: Have you ever read The Cloud of Unknowing?
M: They're in our DNA.
W: Clouds of unknowing form our helices?
M: Only the young can be disillusioned, Mirror.
W: You think I mirror you?
M: Clouds of unknowing form our helices?
W: That refers to a deeper unknowing.
M: The box which had contained the perfect fruit had disappeared.
W: Leaving only the spheroid of gold.
M: Let's assume a cloud slides over the sun.
W: That's not an eclipse, exactly, but it functions like one.
M: I take one now and then bow out.
W: All right, I'll let you go, to a storm of applause.
M: I had a memory of its pain.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!