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Saturday, December 27, 2008


The Mirror: I say you are the Other

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: What have I not told yet?
W: You haven't told how to get a novel published.
M: Surprise: The Idiot Savant in the play The Idiot Savant does not exist.
W: Is there a novel based on the play The Idiot Savant?
M: Assume that wall ...
W: There is a wall between the theatrical stage and the audience, called "the fourth wall."
M: Yes, I ordered it from "Hey!" to "See!"
W: You pun about such matters?
M: When Westerners discovered Morocco, they spoiled it.
W: When experimentalists discovered the stage, they foiled it.
M: Help yourself to the word "help," which is how I help myself.
W: Computer help?
M: I have no intention of doing that.
W: I can hardly blame you, it is madness-inducing.
M: It must take a lot of postage to send a 19th-century costume.
W: Does your play The Idiot Savant feature actors in 19th-century costume?
M: No, not here.
W: I see, they wear ordinary mufti?
M: Should I leave the room?
W: If you come back dressed as Jack Sprat.
M: Are you hinting by chance that you would like some food and some cash?
W: Everyone wants that, every day.
M: No, I had to check something.
W: Did you check on your costume?
M: Again, you mimic me.
W: I asked you a valid question.
M: Unless death just ends it all and nothingness ensues.
W: But we are in the midst of life right now, and must act accordingly.
M: I don't try to be afraid, it just comes.
W: Can you try not to be afraid?
M: Computer help?
W: A computer can't help you with fear.
M: You are like a double that has no model.
W: I have arisen out of nothingness and split myself.
M: Anybody there?
W: I am here, as I often am.
M: Guide those youths toward a future of appropriate footwear.
W: Appropriation means to steal something, but in polite terms.
M: And the sense that everything had been resolved once and for all.
W: Yes, the word "appropriate" implies a pre-existing aesthetic of absolute value.
M: A follows B.
W: As the night the day.
M: Now I find you here, acting almost normal.
W: I am trying to be "appropriate."
M: Is the getaway car going to explode?
W: The getaway from normalcy?
M: Manhattan has become an absurdist play.
W: But if you dig just a bit, you find the same old money-machinery.
M: This is amazing, I find myself saying things.
W: Did you think you were going to dry up your conversational fount?
M: Which begs the question, is it your sociability which worries you?
W: It doesn't worry me, does it worry you?
M: But you said there was an Other.
W: I say you are the Other.
M: Follow that whim!
W: It isn't a whim to cast you as the Other.
M: It doesn't worry me, does it worry you?
W: I am not at all worried to be talking to myself.
M: We were on the verge of a breakthrough.
W: What happened to this ostensible breakthrough?
M: I am not at all worried to be talking to myself.
W: But you aren't talking to yourself, as I am here.
M: Do you mean like a time bomb?
W: I wouldn't call my presence explosive.
M: What happened to this ostensible breakthrough?
W: It broke down instead.
M: I must have a bad memory.
W: Try having a good memory.
M: Farewell, then.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!