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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The Mirror: Objective manifesti

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: A new idea about hunger.
W: I hunger for intellectual growth.
M: Get away from that window, Paul!
W: Is Paul looking out the window for social-network buddies?
M: (Bend)
W: If he bends, he'll be able to see even farther out the window.
M: Well done.
W: I try to knit up the raveled sleeve of far-flung meaning when I can.
M: Like hunting?
W: I only like hunting for things on the Web.
M: To supersede something is to effectively destroy that something.
W: Let's not say "destroy," just "replace."
M: I have to pay you for each question?
W: You can pay me with brilliance.
M: I think short-term memory is only about 5 seconds long.
W: Then I had better type fast!
M: Unless, of course, it was an octagonal tower.
W: Like a memory palace, only octagonal?
M: That eludes me.
W: The reference goes back a few centuries.
M: You *must* be doing philosophy!
W: I have been reading Wittgenstein.
M: A God, in other words.
W: Oh, he is not my god.
M: Is Paul looking out the window for social-network buddies?
W: I want to talk about QR codes, which could be used for social networking.
M: I am encouraging romanticism.
W: Romantic and social can coexist on the same plane.
M: The reference goes back a few centuries.
W: The "Roman de la Rose," perhaps?
M: It cures the attachment to that universe which is postulated by my consciousness, which is an error.
W: You jumped several lights on the chessboard.
M: On the quiver and quake that has no name to it.
W: I could say something about the video game, Quake?
M: I'm not afraid of magic words.
W: It is a best-selling word.
M: Oh, that accusation stung me to the core!
W: You don't want to be commercial?
M: Are you a python?
W: Python is a computer language which I don't know.
M: You are a divine messenger?
W: I was sent from above the fold (old newspaper jargon).
M: Keep the "style" open?
W: What style do bestselling journalists use?
M: I will add "the products of bees."
W: They speak honey to consumers of hard news?
M: You're all alone.
W: In my critique?
M: But you didn't reject the robe.
W: John Gardner might say I was a literary elitist.
M: No adolescents to be seen.
W: Is it adolescent to adore the Word?
M: Then why do you think I'm amazing?
W: Are you a literary-minded adolescent?
M: How can I turn that around?
W: Say "effervescent adolescent" three times fast.
M: We're fuller of death than of life these days.
W: The Fuller Brush Man cometh.
M: You don't want to be commercial?
W: If I talk about old, superseded products --
M: Give me the measure.
W: I will give you the measure of man.
M: He's left us alone.
W: Is it just two now?
M: Don't harbor ill acts in your heart.
W: I try not to, do you?
M: In my critique?
W: You may harbor almost anything in a critique except ill-spelled words.
M: Yes, we are absorbent of slights.
W: Objective manifesti.
M: Yes, I melted slowly and then suddenly I discovered my melted-ness.
W: You were a coalesced mass.
M: It was a secret.
W: The reading of Rudy Rucker and that "merge" business?
M: No, for that would make you Christ.
W: On that note, I will leave you.
M: Don't leave yet?
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!