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Saturday, November 15, 2008


The Mirror: Queen for a day and a half

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Do you want me to give you a more enthusiastic greeting?
W: I prefer your soft, muted approach.
M: Unpleasantness is as justifiable as pleasantness.
W: Muted is not unpleasant.
M: Not everything is explainable.
W: Thank goodness, I was afraid you were going to ask me to explain myself.
M: Are you saying that my end of the dialogue is paltry, puny, picayune?
W: No, I'm saying it is most refreshing.
M: In/Out doors.
W: The passage of time.
M: I didn't say "effective," but since you bring it up, it is that too.
W: The passage of time effects a change we may not like.
M: The man ignored this.
W: But the woman could not.
M: You just gave me an idea.
W: Botox injections?
M: You already said that.
W: I implied it.
M: No, not in that sense, that would be disparaging.
W: I can't really fault women for getting Botox injections, not in this society.
M: The mere thought of an iPhone?
W: Now an iPhone I'd like.
M: The current day shares many elements with 1997.
W: How is now like 1997?
M: But the woman could not.
W: The woman could not answer, after too much Botox froze her face?
M: You can't decide whether to go through it or not?
W: Oh, I'm never getting Botoxed.
M: But the woman could not.
W: That's right, I could never go through with it, besides its cost.
M: By doubling the number of queens.
W: Every woman is a queen for a day and a half.
M: Now an iPhone I'd like.
W: Are there any "killer apps" on the iPhone?
M: Your boat is ready for delivery.
W: Nautical apps?
M: Because I just won't be sensible.
W: Who could be sensible about an electronic boat?
M: Now I don't need it.
W: Don't be too hasty, the world may require it of you.
M: Her hands crossed, planning a not-yet-come actuality.
W: People do spend an awful ot of time bracing themselves for the future.
M: Maybe that's not wrong after all.
W: It's unpleasant to spend one's life in a braced position.
M: Or something else.
W: There's something worse than a braced position?
M: Reflected light chimed, hearable through organs not yet named in the book Samuel squeezed like a lemon.
W: And all the juice ran out of the pulp fiction.
M: Am I supposed to take that on faith?
W: You're supposed to take it as metaphor.
M: I think you mean "present," not "presence."
W: I think I mean "pressed," as in a mill.
M: People say that life is what you make it.
W: Have you made any fresh melonade lately?
M: Look at me leaving, sadly.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!