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Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Mirror: Il morto che parla: the dead speaking

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: I said respect, not sarcasm!
W: How can a simple "Hello" be considered sarcastic?
M: You doubt my trajectory?
W: I don't know where you're going with this, but I'm sure you are going somewhere.
M: But is he?
W: Who is "he," Richard Foreman?
M: If you burst into song.
W: Will a song attract Foreman?
M: I want you to say things that will be very disturbing.
W: Sorry, can't help you there.
M: The benefits arrive, bringing fear.
W: If you consider fear and disturbance benefits, press on!
M: Do you have a few hundred thousand dollars for me?
W: Not if you're going to frighten and disturb me!
M: What should I call you?
W: I never know what to say to that.
M: Prove that you can escape.
W: I could say goodbye now, but I won't.
M: (Exits)
W: Hey, come back!
M: It shouldn't be hard to establish a cult of personality.
W: Are you saying that line from the doorway, hand on the newel post?
M: What's my life about?
W: I see you've run out of steam during your comeback.
M: If you consider fear and disturbance benefits, press on!
W: The general public seems to love horror.
M: (Opens drawer, looks, closes)
W: Now don't tell me there's a weapon in there!
M: Hey, come back!
W: What do you expect, I must save myself!
M: Get rid of the justices, keep the poets.
W: Can the poets stand trial for their offenses?
M: I see you've run out of steam during your comeback.
W: You have pegged me.
M: I am ready to hear it.
W: But you already know it.
M: I bet you have a name.
W: Sure I do, but someone else gave it to me.
M: I don't blame you, I was faking it.
W: You were faking knowing my name?
M: No, I want to sweep it under the carpet.
W: So you don't want to know my name?
M: That's the word I would use.
W: You would use my name, if you could.
M: I didn't know there was a Fragonard grouping here in our midst!
W: How did they get in here?
M: Do you think I calculate these things?
W: No, I think they just happen.
M: But they are Romantic composers anyway?
W: I wish I could meet some Romantic composers, especially Chopin.
M: I don't understand.
W: Don't you know the work of Chopin?
M: Once upon a time, this cold and hostile atmosphere would have delighted me.
W: I wasn't trying to one-up you, believe me.
M: I'm not trying to put pressure on you.
W: You wanted me to apologize!
M: Even me?
W: Even you tried to wangle an apology.
M: What am I lucky about?
W: You're oh-so-lucky to be talking to me.
M: Don't worry, I won't try to change you.
W: That's good to hear.
M: No, I think they just happen.
W: Good conversations, or good characters?
M: They do, with their green leaves, so they must be experiencing a letdown.
W: After the intensity of Spring?
M: No, I think they just happen.
W: They just burst into flaming flower.
M: I'm asking myself that question.
W: Whether you'll be a late bloomer?
M: Yes, I kept it factual.
W: Wouldn't do to get too emotional about a thing like blooming.
M: No lines, this is pure improv.
W: Sometimes people stop dead during an improv, they freeze up.
M: Open a door once.
W: And find the fog twice.
M: Oh, you know, Goth culture, long black capes and such.
W: Goth pirates, looming in fog.
M: You think I should spend my mental wealth on writing a conventional novel?
W: Oh, that's the question of the hour!
M: I have never eaten eels.
W: Eels would have no place in a conventional American novel.
M: I was at Woodstock (many years after the concert, yet Woodstock it was).
W: Did you eat eels at Woodstock?
M: It lies, now, in a granular "someplace else" that hasn't forced itself into image or object.
W: That would be the past.
M: That doesn't count as trying.
W: You can't expect every one of my lines to be brilliant.
M: But maybe the dead can read our minds.
W: Il morto che parla: the dead speaking.
M: What derives?
W: My line derives from La Smorfia.
M: Sometimes people stop dead during an improv, they freeze up.
W: That's when they might get hooked by the offstage cane.
M: I can't get bored when I'm doing something truly absorbing.
W: Is it absorbing, talking to me?
M: Il morto che parla: the dead speaking.
W: But I am alive.
M: Hungry.
W: Then you'd better start supper. Bye!
M: It's effortless. Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!