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Friday, November 21, 2008


The Mirror: My grammatical wonderland

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: I am not grateful for crumbly crackers in cartoon colors.
W: How about brightly colored children's cereals?
M: That wouldn't amount to much.
W: They have little nutrition and less fiber.
M: The form of the universe itself.
W: If you collapsed all the empty space between things, the universe wouldn't amount to much.
M: (Exits)
W: Did you just leave because I fell back on cliché?
M: It works only in reality?
W: Your leaving works only in fantasy.
M: In a sense.
W: What kind of sense?
M: I've been asking myself that too much recently.
W: Are you reading philosophy?
M: That's your name for it.
W: What is your name for it?
M: You were shrunk down in your miniature theater.
W: I would be happy to act in a Victorian toy theater.
M: Everything becomes formulaic, once it is expressed.
W: Not Victorian toy theaters!
M: I am me.
W: Do you like Victorian toy theaters?
M: (Pause, goes to door)
W: Is there a puppet at the door?
M: What kind of sense?
W: Not in the sense of a political puppet, that would be too serious.
M: Up till when?
W: Till we reach the point of over-analysis.
M: What is your name for it?
W: Um, psychoanalysis?
M: I don't know Jos Saramago, so I don't know how he feels.
W: He won a Nobel, didn't he?
M: Not Victorian toy theaters!
W: Has anyone ever won a Victorian toy theater?
M: I can't make my greeting as exciting as a Disney ride.
W: I prefer a non-Disney, or pre-Disney experience.
M: Someone who keeps telling me she can't live without me?
W: Did she animate for Disney?
M: Non.
W: Then perhaps a French animation house?
M: Those two kinds of "don't believe" dig into my brain as they change each other.
W: You *must* be doing philosophy!
M: (A card)
W: Your visiting card says that you are Ludwig Wittgenstein.
M: How is your father?
W: My "spiritual" father?
M: I wish you could be more specific.
W: I have no mentor, if that is what you meant.
M: It was just enough, and no more, not even a penny.
W: There was no change left over from my statement.
M: Why thank you!
W: Are you happy that I understood your convoluted meaning?
M: I can be amazed at so many things.
W: Are you amazed that I have the sense of a noodle?
M: You sound pretty touchy.
W: It's just a random pain in the noodle.
M: I've been wanting to do a Lenny Bruce-type act for years.
W: People could get pretty touchy these days if you talked like Lenny Bruce.
M: You're glad that this nice person is coming by.
W: Someone who will take the sting out of the Lenny Bruce recording (which I don't have)?
M: All this Nothing is bad for your health.
W: I am not yet sure if Wittgenstein discusses Nothing.
M: Your visiting card says that you are Ludwig Wittgenstein.
W: Then I don't even know myself, or rather, what I have written!
M: Oh, I'm listening, but I'm also looking.
W: Are you reading my work?
M: I am not yet sure if Wittgenstein discusses Nothing.
W: But I am nothing like Wittgenstein.
M: I just told you.
W: What did you tell me, I forgot.
M: Well, you'll get other chances.
W: I will have to leave you pretty soon.
M: Right, you said you weren't a doctor.
W: Would a doctor spend more time with you?
M: Yes, I see it.
W: One doesn't see such doctors nowadays.
M: Only when I'm a stranger.
W: Then I fear you would receive even worse service.
M: His aspirations were such.
W: He wanted to have the best doctors?
M: No I don't.
W: You don't want the best doctors, but he does?
M: Captured?
W: Are you captured by the doctors?
M: A brilliant maneuver.
W: I only put verb and previous subject together.
M: It's always the same thing.
W: My grammatical wonderland?
M: That is not what gives your life its richness.
W: True, it is the lyrical content of one's writing which does that, not its punctilio.
M: How does that relate to the irrational number?
W: Numbers can't be irrational, in my intuition.
M: He wanted to have the best doctors?
W: Mathematical doctors, doctors of jurisprudence?
M: Do you consider yourself a serious person?
W: Perhaps not as serious as those I have just cited.
M: Are you captured by the doctors?
W: I am captivated by PhDs.
M: I try to roll with them.
W: Do you have an advanced degree?
M: Then I fear you would receive even worse service.
W: Because you would be "snooty"?
M: I can't see it.
W: No, you would never "go there."
M: Yes, bye.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!