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That Fit, We Tint"

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Monday, November 24, 2008


The Mirror: Three blasts and a cornea

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: No shoving!
W: No poking!
M: Without a mouth, it is also difficult to sip from a cup.
W: So just pour the whole shebang over yourself.
M: I win.
W: What game were we playing?
M: Then we should be frightened of you.
W: We were playing a spook-the-user game?
M: The word "table" means a chart, in the world of 2D.
W: Can there be a 2D coffee table?
M: Do not think of real life.
W: I'm thinking of blueprints.
M: It sounds like you're done.
W: I'm not done with my design for a flat table.
M: What will become of the human race?
W: We will be stuck in the attics of our brains, designing balconies for pigeons.
M: You stay eternal, like the Tao?
W: Eternally we will be designers.
M: (All keys in wall locks)
W: How many locks in your apartment?
M: If I knew less I might go ahead and shoot over the old picture, which might result in an interesting superimposition.
W: Make a lot of layers with Photoshop.
M: That's the truth, she has secret things in her life.
W: Are they hidden in the JPEG code?
M: We will be stuck in the attics of our brains, designing balconies for pigeons.
W: Pigeons fall off balconies.
M: Asking to sit in front of the Queen!
W: They tumble to the throne.
M: Eternally we will be designers.
W: Desiging bigger and better thrones.
M: My propellered self, smiling the usual smiles.
W: Are you a beanie-wearing pigeon?
M: Make a lot of layers with Photoshop.
W: Pigeons dressed in knitted layers, wearing scarves and drinking Starbucks lattes.
M: Then I'll keep the ladder under wraps.
W: Wrap up the magic ladder in a ream of scarves and skeins.
M: Our minds stop short at the thought of death.
W: Why stop at the short light?
M: Where is it where it is?
W: It is that it is.
M: Some feel logic strangles what is good.
W: Not Herr Wittgenstein!
M: It's having the effect I predicted.
W: What is, Wittgenstein's logic?
M: A monkey drinking pink lemonade?
W: That would actually make sense, since monkeys like fruit.
M: My wealth of words?
W: All your wealth will not buy you the pink lemonade of the future.
M: But the inner brightness took hold.
W: Bright reflections off a glass of lemonade.
M: You wore people's conversations?
W: I wore them on my Facebook.
M: Giving up, I suppose.
W: I gave it all up for product placement.
M: What are we disagreeing on?
W: The degree to which an artist ought to sell out.
M: You care that much?
W: I care about money as much as you do.
M: Why stop at the short light?
W: Right, go for the long, three blasts and a cornea.
M: I never asked it before.
W: Why not, you should stop at Nothing.
M: Right, go for the long, three blasts and a cornea.
W: Did you mean to say, a cornet, or a coronet?
M: Politics and religion, you know.
W: Add the monarchy, and you've got a major triad.
M: The degree to which an artist ought to sell out.
W: Selling out of doors creates a streetsmart market.
M: What do you expect?
W: I expect them to come knocking on my door.
M: We could act out our nonsense on the stage.
W: But would the people sit still for something this abstract?
M: We get hurt all the time, our wants are deflected.
W: That's the price of being an actor, you're here to serve the public.
M: No matter how hard I try, I can't think of you as different than what you are.
W: So I'm not projecting my role properly.
M: Are you hoping to achieve immortality?
W: Yes, I want to be the next Sarah Bernhardt.
M: I've made it my own.
W: You've made this role your own, it's sewn up, it's in the bag.
M: My goodness!
W: I know, I got a little over-sumptuous with that last barrage.
M: I might have said, "Whatever."
W: But you didn't, so I guess you enjoyd the compliment (whichever hand it came from).
M: Do you agree with Tolstoy that art must elevate?
W: I feel that art must decrease its stitches in time to make the proper hat shape.
M: A cast of thousands.
W: Casting on with thousands of strands of yarn-actors.
M: Yes, how did you figure that out?
W: It was all about the "golden braid" of Goedel, Escher, Bach.
M: I keep getting a "The page cannot be displayed" message.
W: Are we losing touch so soon?
M: Casting on with thousands of strands of yarn-actors.
W: It's a sort of neural relay race, get it?
M: It is a bit nerve-racking to be around unhinged people.
W: Are you casting aspersions at my On button?
M: It's a sort of neural relay race, get it?
W: Where is the finish line?
M: Then you have no choice but to refuse delivery.
W: I don't want anything delivered to my door.
M: But I don't want to repeat on this.
W: All right, then we'll have to wish each other a fond farewell.
M: Then don't.
W: I wasn't being sarcastic, I really meant it.
M: I am not the imaginary person called the Idiot Savant.
W: Do you serve up idioms?
M: "Put another shrimp on the barbie," and all that.
W: I can't, I have to go.
M: That is a very good opener.
W: And closer.
M: The crumpled-up paper of forgotten ideas.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!