"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The Mirror: Funny-looker-deflector

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Is this what gave you your fantastic experiences?
W: I already had fantastical experiences, before I came here.
M: Well, the seams must be neat.
W: On the contrary, they ar frayed.
M: It's sort of hovering around the room, ready to settle down but unable to find a firm ground.
W: The so-called "elephant in the room."
M: You are very defensive.
W: I am worried about my novel.
M: To describe immortality, we need steam-driven phrases.
W: Oh, every writer is looking for those, including the Alpha guy in Brave New World.
M: I may want that, but I may not want the consequences.
W: You wouldn't want the pressure to produce, to top your last production.
M: And was it entertaining?
W: If the masses bought it, it must have had explosions.
M: A feather.
W: You could knock me down with that.
M: Do what?
W: Knock me over with a feather?
M: You mean you never showed it to anybody else?
W: I keep my wings hidden.
M: You think I am doing what?
W: I think you are flying.
M: Yet the sky continued to spread.
W: It spread over the land.
M: The so-called "elephant in the room."
W: The Land of the Elephants.
M: What is the point of talking about it?
W: You don't want to chat?
M: You wouldn't want the pressure to produce, to top your last production.
W: Is chatting a production number?
M: Eelgrass.
W: That "eel" business is trying at times.
M: You don't want to chat?
W: I don't want to chat about eels!
M: (Twist)
W: Eels do twist and turn, to the max.
M: I think I see, or I imagine, corruption.
W: Corruption in the organic or the metaphorical sense?
M: People look at me funny.
W: Why do they do so?
M: I wouldn't mind having it in my foyer.
W: The funny-looker-deflector?
M: They'll do it, if your message is preposterous enough.
W: I hope they laugh with me, not at me.
M: We never saw eye to eye.
W: But you were reversed-eyes, as you were Mirror.
M: (To wall)
W: No, now you aren't reflecting at all!
M: Refined sugar?
W: Highly refined is highly cultivated.
M: There's one thing I like to do very much, and that is to elaborate.
W: Please elaborate at whatever length you feel feasible.
M: I suppose sometimes it would be nice to have lag time.
W: You can take a break whenever you want.
M: You who moderate.
W: Someone has to.
M: Marshmallow fluff, anybody?
W: I don't have any peanut butter to add.
M: You can take a break whenever you want.
W: I will go to supper now.
M: Lost innocence, more likely.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!