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That Fit, We Tint"

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Monday, January 12, 2009


The Mirror: Painfully magnetic

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: He's Ezra Pound.
W: The director of the library does not resemble Ezra Pound in any respect.
M: Where did that happen?
W: That happened to my right, about five seconds ago (the not-resembling).
M: (She enters)
W: Actually, she is just leaving.
M: That would be the past.
W: It is now the past!
M: Was that why it was so easy to make the connection between the purchase and the cash?
W: I do not purchase my friends!
M: I wanted to be a "me" icon.
W: I might talk to someone named "me," but it would depend on that person's orthography.
M: One's mental furniture is critical.
W: Especially the spelling annex.
M: Anachronism!
W: The word "orthography" still exists, but only Gissing fans like me would use it.
M: That must be your idea, because it certainly isn't my idea.
W: It was entirely my idea.
M: But if we wither the opportunity?
W: You mean, I suppose, the near-telepathy between us?
M: You couldn't get through the door?
W: I couldn't get through the space-time continuum without your assistance.
M: Eye-city, lived through.
W: I am extremely visual, are you?
M: Nothing rules.
W: So your senses are perfectly distributed?
M: Here we are at last.
W: At last we reach perfect equilibrium.
M: How about the number on your next paycheck?
W: Will that have all the same numbers in a row, or perhaps a numeric palindrome, like 12,321?
M: A table ends above in a surface upon which thoughts, written, can be elaborated.
W: You are encouraging me to continue to focus on my novel?
M: Especially the spelling annex.
W: Spellcheck is useful, and I admit to having used it, but only because I don't want to read over what I have just written.
M: I thought you were the reflector.
W: I try to reflect what my characters tell me.
M: Spinach is useful for brain function.
W: I have not been eating enough dark greens lately, thanks for the reminder.
M: Are you serious?
W: I am indeed.
M: I guess it would be a barnut.
W: I would never eat anything which came from a bar.
M: I could analyze it, but it's not worth it.
W: If you analyzed such a comestible, the readout would probably resemble that Wired feature in which they reveal the ingredients of unfoods like Cool Whip.
M: That's not the final destination.
W: You have something in mind past Wired magazine, perhaps the ear of the FDA?
M: My attention is trapped.
W: I should be flattered, but I don't want to be that painfully magnetic.
M: OK, "game" is the magic word.
W: Now you have lightened things up.
M: Don't be afraid, it's for your own protection.
W: You want to make sure that I don't feel the strain of getting too "heavy."
M: We'd like to sum ourselves up.
W: I'd say we synergized today.
M: I haven't done that yet.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!