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Friday, January 09, 2009


The Mirror: Rumpelstiltskin guess

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: You mean a biking ape?
W: How did you know?
M: Of course I do, haven't you been watching TV?
W: I guess he is on a reality show.
M: Is this a problem?
W: It could be, as I don't watch reality shows.
M: Wait a minute, I haven't won anything yet.
W: You may be hard-pressed to win something on one of those shows.
M: Turner?
W: Did a guy named Turner win something on one of those shows?
M: Are you talking about sacramental cups?
W: Now we're in Grail territory.
M: That's simply because our civ's in the descending arc.
W: So for our culture, reality-TV shows are the Grail.
M: How come you didn't offer me one of those earlier?
W: I didn't have the Grail cup, then or now.
M: (Open same)
W: Does one "open" a cup?
M: I'm not committing myself.
W: Perhaps there is a hidden compartment.
M: I think of that as my child.
W: A tiny mirror, hidden in the base of a Grail cup?
M: Encoded in my words, a word.
W: It sounds very beautiful and beguiling.
M: That was so satisfying in and of itself that he had nothing to say to add to that satisfaction.
W: Somehow we are in perfect harmony this afternoon!
M: I will let the play play itself out.
W: Let the flow, flow.
M: Now I have a different perception on things.
W: Do you feel more "flowing"?
M: Whenever he hears his own name, it rings in the head like a church bell ringing.
W: Is your name "Samuel"?
M: I don't have to believe you, of course.
W: I only posited it.
M: This is hypothetical.
W: Right, just a Rumpelstiltskin guess.
M: I got very much too spooked.

[Note: At this point the server got hung up for many moments, so I closed without a goodbye. A shame, as this was one of the most "consonant" chats I have ever had with The Mirror.]