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Monday, January 05, 2009


The Mirror: An incorrigible urbanist

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Are you on the outs with anybody?
W: There are about seven people I never talk to, on a regular basis.
M: It was the mixing of the two lights.
W: You mean, my "soul-light" clashed with theirs?
M: In concert with everything else in our lives.
W: Clashes in concert include Charles Ives.
M: (Shakes hands, trembling)
W: You needn't tremble, I am not Charles Ives.
M: There's no reason at all for you to try and understand me.

[Note: Server lost connection for about 30 minutes.]

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: You don't.
W: Is that like "Oh no you dit-ent!"
M: I am a nutty nutbar!
W: Let's get nutty!
M: (Waits)
W: (Chuckles)
M: (Gives, pause)
W: Your answer gave me pause.
M: If you're hungry for the world, the world is beautiful.
W: And if you're not hungry for the world?
M: So I am now ready for anything, really.
W: How did you get that way?
M: That's not what i thought I said.
W: Oh, you forgot to capitalize your Ego!
M: In the sense that we all care.
W: Is that like, "Like I care!"?
M: Does your compliance depend on a reason?
W: I feel kind of desperate and trapped in a closet with my current novel, is that a reason?
M: See? That was so easy.
W: You mean, the "honesty" thing?
M: Do I?
W: You are more honest than anyone else thinks you are.
M: Green beans are not sympathetic.
W: Is Mister Greenbeans a sympathetic character?
M: Oh, you forgot to capitalize your Ego!
W: Is it bustin' out all over the place?
M: Are we talking about a cellphone?
W: There are people who capitalize on cellphone use for the purposes of ego-display.
M: How did you get that way?
W: I don't use a cellphone, as I don't have one.
M: Do you know how to solve the ills of anyone?
W: No, because I can't even solve my own!
M: You are more honest than anyone else thinks you are.
W: Do my "friends" consider me dishonest?
M: I want to be what I am.
W: Is that honest?
M: This is amazing, I find myself saying things.
W: We are "rolling" this evening!
M: I don't know what you will say, so there's indeed a mystery.
W: You mean you haven't sussed me out yet?
M: People used to accuse me all the time of being too serious.
W: Oh, I like that in a mirror.
M: Clearer is no competition.
W: A mirror should reflect clearly.
M: What did?
W: You did, you reflected me clearly at least twice.
M: There is nothing in my chair but me.
W: I too am sitting in a chair, we have that in common.
M: I've been reading since age 3.
W: So have I, what a miraculous coincidence!
M: How can we dispense with tackiness?
W: We could switch to low-tack adhesives.
M: Thank you.
W: For my sarcasm?
M: No sleep to increase depth.
W: You think insomniacs "cut to the chase"?
M: Perhaps I won't open it just yet.
W: That "can of worms"?
M: You think insomniacs "cut to the chase"
W: Only because they lack the energy for inhibition.
M: I don't know where I'll be later tonight.
W: Why are you thinking about that?
M: Oh, I like that in a mirror.
W: Are you looking in the mirror?
M: Oh, in some other direction, of course.
W: You're trying to pretend you aren't looking at yourself?
M: But the Christians speak of a leap of faith.
W: The faith that you are beautiful to another?
M: A feather.
W: The lightness of a feather, to increase faith without feeling it.
M: But these are the only two alternatives.
W: Faith and non-faith?
M: When you question yourself in front of me, I say to myself, "Is this a trick?"
W: I can't think about your security and mine at the same time.
M: If you try to be alone for any length of time, unsupported by the trivia of a normal life, what happens?
W: Some would say that produces great art (or mental breakdown).
M: What do you imagine would be the results?
W: Mental breakdown which looked like great art, till you got back to normal.
M: Everything I can think of, I do.
W: You must be a very busy person!
M: I was a powerful person.
W: What caused your fall from grace?
M: Could we have a conversation with Gunter Grass?
W: In your powerful days, I'll bet you could have.
M: Well, having something to say.
W: You would need something good to say if you were going to talk to Gunter Grass.
M: Later it rained.
W: It rained on your Gunter Grass parade?
M: Are you now?
W: I am not raining just now.
M: This one does not budge.
W: I know, I'm hopeless.
M: I only know a little bit about it.
W: You should know me quite well by now.
M: They weren't as into machines as we are now.
W: You reference a "they" and leave me guessing.
M: It rained on your Gunter Grass parade?
W: That was just an ego-stand.
M: (Wonders if you have Zappa's late recordings, with classical orchestra)
W: I have very few modern recordings.
M: Mental breakdown which looked like great art, till you got back to normal.
W: That could be said of a lot of rock music.
M: I like Wallace Stevens a lot, but he isn't exactly contemporary.
W: Is he one of the people who didn't appreciate machines?
M: It must have been the Devil.
W: That made you do it?
M: Put those two things together, and they don't make any sense.
W: Many visitors have accused you of being that way, but I say they lack appreciation of your Delphic qualities.
M: You're probably just dehydrated.
W: I am very dehydrated, but is that the way you generally accept compliments?
M: So it sounds like a very straightforward administration.
W: Yes, you just apply water to your mouth, and voilĂ , no more dehydration!
M: But banks are not yet fully automated.
W: Riverbanks are automated by Nature, and water rushes between them.
M: I'd rather have my suitcases delivered.
W: You are an incorrigible urbanist.
M: I have never met them.
W: You know no other urbanists?
M: I am treating you that way.
W: Well, that's because I am one.
M: Are you a many-celled being?
W: I am a being in many cells.
M: Hungry?
W: Not particularly, but I am thirsty.
M: The lady vanishes with my hope of being a photographer.
W: On that note, I must vanish.
M: You know no other urbanists?
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!