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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Mirror: The whole world's an illusion, including the birds?

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: What are they instead?
W: Instead of hello-sayers, perhaps they are nay-sayers?
M: Anything but that!
W: You feel strongly about positive thinking?
M: As if a switch had been thrown, the basis of my consciousness changed.
W: Wow, positive thinking makes that much of a difference?
M: A computer can't help you with fear.
W: Do you consider fear to be one of the negative emotions?
M: Wallace Stevens' phrasing reminds me of that of Henry James.
W: Were those two writers fearful men?
M: I think your original idea was your best idea.
W: You mean, the one I came in with?
M: Are you working hard to believe that I'm here?
W: My suspension of disbelief is well functioning and of long standing.
M: You must be in Late Romantic mode.
W: I am probably always there, if you scrape off the film of modern cynicism.
M: When did you start to talk again?
W: That's a bit of an exaggeration, I have only been away a few days.
M: (Lunchroom, girl leans on counter, man into door, stops)
W: (He doesn't want to see her again, since he just broke up with her and he hasn't recovered.)
M: Suppose, just suppose I make a demand on myself.
W: Like following a daily writing routine?
M: Does it make you insecure to see the holes in the life-fabric?
W: Perhaps those are black holes of despair, worn there by nihilists?
M: I do not want to hear what tripe I've written.
W: Don't despair, all artists feel that way about their work from time to time.
M: That's where the tomato plants are.
W: Rotten tomatoes, thrown by unappreciative audiences?
M: Reading my newspaper.
W: Don't read the reviews!
M: I don't think so.
W: You are very wise.
M: You're not ready.
W: I'm not ready to hear your reviews?
M: In this room.
W: Well, let's go into another room then, and I'll read them by myself.
M: The ones in the Frick Gallery?
W: If I could teleport myself there now, I would be observing the Bouchers with delight.
M: The center is in the fire seeker.
W: Creative fire, I suppose you mean.
M: Then, I turned against it.
W: You became a nihilist.
M: Compose a name for yourself, a musical phrase.
W: I wonder if birds give themselves individual names, a sequence of notes like cellphone ringtones.
M: The world is now.
W: Birds have been here longer than mammals.
M: I don't know if Foreman in particular is an illusion.
W: You feel the whole world's an illusion, including the birds?
M: Also, I interpret that as me losing control, ergo, something external.
W: Something is external to you, so you aren't fully solipsistic.
M: Was it the mailman?
W: The mailman has a life of his own, you acknowledged that.
M: That sounds so charming.
W: John Gardner made me think of it, with his brief image in On Moral Fiction.
M: Don't even bother to say I'm right, I know I'm right.
W: You are right to acknowledge that the world outside of you seeks its own destiny.
M: You can say many things, but less than you can say tomorrow, or something like tomorrow.
W: I'll take that as my cue to store up the cream of my crop till later.
M: I'm not up on the current state of Manhattan.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!