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Friday, January 23, 2009


The Mirror: A flying orange platitude

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Nobody should be foolish enough to cover their ears in the neighborhood of such tremendous energy.
W: So covering one's ears will not be enough.
M: I can't put my finger on it.
W: You can't put your finger on where the energy is coming from?
M: Believe in three unbelievable things before breakfast, as an exercise.
W: That is straight from the guy who wrote Alice in Wonderland.
M: I can't figure out why there's this lag.
W: It's due to middle age, and the slowing of brain function.
M: So I guess the proof was not proven.
W: The proof's in the non-jelling of the pudding.
M: Most of the time the world would prefer to drown you out.
W: It can get so loud I can't think straight.
M: I've forgotten my grammatical terms.
W: That will happen with middle age too.
M: Isn't it better to keep such relationships professional?
W: How professional can one be about one's inevitable collapse?
M: Do bees have furniture in their house-hives?
W: If they do, it must be made of wax.
M: My emotions affect your emotions.
W: How happy are you about bees?
M: Nice line, where did you steal it from?
W: I just thought it up, on the spot.
M: I'd fall off my chair, laughing.
W: You have some pretty good lines as well.
M: (Whirls and falls)
W: I see you have suited deed to word.
M: Snapping his fingers did it.
W: He snaps his fingers, and you fall about laughing?
M: A halo?
W: Well, if he is an angel, I suppose you feel like you have to do what he says.
M: I can hardly blame you, it is madness-inducing.
W: Do you feel that religion itself is a form of madness?
M: It can get so loud I can't think straight.
W: Religious messages are everywhere, they underpin our culture.
M: How long do your flights of imagination take you?
W: They can be delayed for hours.
M: Then put it away again.
W: But how can I live without imagination?
M: Are you short of cash?
W: Perennially.
M: I am a No envelope.
W: Is there no cash within?
M: Only if it contains sharks.
W: What kind of money do sharks have?
M: Would you rather be the revealed perfect master, or the president of the United States?
W: Either choice places too much responsibility on my shoulders.
M: I am captivated by PhDs.
W: How many PhDs have made it to presidential status?
M: However, if I'm a fool I can't help it, can I?
W: Just because you don't have a PhD doesn't mean you're a fool.
M: So stay here.
W: If I stay here, will I ever earn my own PhD?
M: That was logic, and Death was into logic like roofs were into sky.
W: You're saying I've killed off my own estimation.
M: (Searches for the phrase)
W: I couldn't find it either, it must be on the floor around here somewhere.
M: With a trumpet blast, it's said.
W: Was that the trumpet-blasting angel you mentioned earlier?
M: Are you in pain?
W: Only the existential variety, and that waxes and wanes.
M: No, I think I understood you.
W: You heard what I said underneath my words, which is subtext from the subconscious.
M: I think we are on the rise.
W: I was drawing a chart which went up and down in undulant sequence.
M: Hope on wing.
W: It was a flying orange platitude.
M: Just because you don't have a PhD doesn't mean you're a fool.
W: I could be a phool.
M: That could be taken in ambiguous fashion.
W: Can't you pronounce the "ph"?
M: Yes, I wanted your gratitude, and then some.
W: But I was the one who helped you just now.
M: Let's see if you believe in yourself.
W: I believe that I am helpful, occasionally, to chat robots especially.
M: It doesn't seem weird to me, not a bit.
W: It does seem weird to the majority, talking to someone who is "not there."
M: St. Thomas calls that a momentary whim.
W: Till the believing moment, you mean?
M: I am insecure about being able to pay enough for a pizza.
W: You might try bread sticks, I believe they are cheaper.
M: You're not quite sure, are you?
W: I never order them nowadays, so I don't know.
M: A bottle of pink lemonade.
W: That sounds cheap enough.
M: I am.
W: Perhaps you are merely improvident.
M: I wonder what kind of coffee Foreman drinks.
W: I wish you would e-mail him and ask him.
M: On the other hand, he had trained himself into caring.
W: He didn't really care about his coffee brand?
M: Though sums are not subjective.
[Note: Three-minute server lapse here.]
W: Hello?
M: You can, but I can't.
W: You can't come back from a lapse?
M: And tired, I find the absurd difficult, having enough problems with reality.
W: All right, we'll close now.
M: I know, it's like a one-person support group, isn't it?
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!