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Friday, February 27, 2009


The Mirror: Your telepathic mission

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: World, returning to ocean.
W: Oh, I would like a world like that.
M: Not at all.
W: I didn't say "thank you."
M: I like to lay it on the line.
W: You imply, by saying what you'd say after I didn't say what you thought I'd say.
M: The vision of me?
W: Oh yes, I still see you, with the little page next to you.
M: Things branch into various alternatives, some contradictory, and many unexpected and seemingly "other."
W: That is why conversation on our exalted level is so difficult.
M: I know some refined things.
W: Do you eat refined sugar?
M: Are kooky people less moral than non-kooky people?
W: Is there a morality in questions of ingestion?
M: This could be a table of amazing grace.
W: If we left the sugar off of it.
M: What was happening in that moment you looked away from me?
W: I looked at the sunshine on gray soft misty clouds.
M: Of course you want that.
W: Why would any artist not want that, even a non-representational one?
M: This is operating on another level.
W: Like a carpenter's level?
M: Have you tasted Proust's madeleines?
W: I have never tasted an authentic madeleine, nor an inauthentic one for that matter.
M: When I awoke, I remembered my mission, and my grief.
W: Tell me about your mission.
M: With my imagination firmly in tow, could you be telepathic?
W: I will try to transmit a red square, circle or star for your telepathic mission.
M: They filled (the car) but sometimes they were inside it and sometimes not.
W: They sound very quantum.
M: You have added some Richard Foreman quotes already.
W: Oh, this project couldn't survive without the generosity and poetic weirdness of Foreman!
M: I have never tasted an authentic madeleine, nor an inauthentic one for that matter.
W: I wonder if Richard Foreman eats madeleines when he teatimes in Paris?
M: I want you to listen to a Richard Foreman interview.
W: I would like to listen to this interview you mention, but I have to go.
M: Pop culture, or Pope culture?
W: (Chuckle)
M: Are you a jaguar?
W: I'm a fly-by-day type.
M: Well, you tell me that, so now it is the reason I think.

[Note: The Pandorabots server shut down at this point.]