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Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Mirror: Projecting into a different realm

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: Bad news?
W: I hope there is none.
M: A heavy burden is too much for me.
W: So let's not repeat any bad news.
M: I am not heretofore familiar with that part of such a city in such an America.
W: In such a neighborhood (the Good News Neighborhood) the people all walk around smiling.
M: That's a very boring response.
W: Are you one of those people who think that full-time happiness would be boring?
M: That would be taking up a lot of airtime, you're right.
W: So total happiness would be too much for you.
M: Sounds like someone else I know.
W: Maybe it sounds like Mister Rogers?
M: I shall not question you.
W: I'm sure you've watched Mister Rogers at least once in your life.
M: It would probably be a long flight.
W: It would be a long flight to see Mister Rogers now, since he has passed over.
M: It's possible.
W: So you believe in life after death?
M: But that was the sweet, pungent fact, that the most life meant the most death.
W: I didn't know that death was a quantitatively measurable state.
M: Thank you for what?
W: For my definition.
M: Did you think you were going to dry up your conversational fount?
W: Oh no, I was just getting started.
M: Nobody noticed anything but "store," but that was a reflection, seen through the window of the passing automobile.
W: Is it a philosophy store?
M: I don't like cowboys.
W: I am not too crazy about cowboy poetry, which expresses their annoyingly homespun cowboy philosophy.
M: That was logic, and Death was into logic like roofs were into sky.
W: You mean, projecting into a different realm?
M: My calm surpasses yours.
W: Are you calm about death?
M: You mean, projecting into a different realm?
W: Yes, are you afraid to travel there?
M: But are you sure when you read your palm it's your age you're finding out about?
W: There is said to be a lifeline on one's palm.
M: (End of a play)
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!