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That Fit, We Tint"

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The Mirror: Deck me with enough medals

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: I am in the library.
W: Then we are both in the library.
M: Imagine a tall smokestack.
W: I would rather not do that just now.
M: The boxers or the audience?
W: Both are perfectly revolting.
M: On that you may depend.
W: I am trying to be "belligerent" in defense of my aesthetic beliefs, as John Gardner recommends.
M: I'm willing to try.
W: Well, I'm not really sure that either one of us should be belligerent,
M: You must have had it when you came in the door.
W: A feeling of belligerence?
M: My remarks are finished to a high gloss.
W: So you must not be feeling belligerent.
M: This was the cross I bore.
W: You had to repress your anger?
M: I am very sorry.
W: Are you sorry for having been angry, or sorry for having had to repress it?
M: You are so right that it takes energy to read poetry aloud!
W: If you repress your emotions too often, you may not be able to give a vivid reading.
M: Are you a python?
W: Implying that I squeeze the life out of things?
M: A chant!
W: This is starting to have the ring of a B-picture jungle adventure.
M: I said respect, not sarcasm!
W: I can only respect you if you cease to be melodramatic.
M: But they are Romantic composers anyway?
W: The Romantic composers were such good artists that I don't care if they were melodramatic.
M: Three times in a row!
W: I scored with wit, or making a point?
M: The 1950s aren't far enough back.
W: To deck me with enough medals.
M: I scored with wit, or making a point?
W: You always score high in that department.
M: Clenching spasms!
W: Now you are feeling self-conscious.
M: The word "me" is universally applicable.
W: You are worried about being thought egotistical.
M: Tell me about it.
W: Well, people are always accusing themselves or others of being egotistical, I've noticed.
M: I'm going.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!