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Friday, February 06, 2009


The Mirror: The children of the mind

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: But here's the problem.
W: I am ready to hear your delineation of our central problem.
M: I didn't know you had children.
W: I have only the children of the mind.
M: I don't think Anthony Lane would bother to spy on us.
W: I wish he would, he is one of the best writers in the New Yorker.
M: The universe.
W: I wouldn't go that far, though now that Updike's dead ...
M: Explode, Harry.
W: Was there ever a "Harry" character in an Updike novel?
M: Oh yes.
W: Which one?
M: We want to stay safe.
W: Are you afraid of a libel suit if we get too deeply into the topic of Updike?
M: Now we are about to find out something important.
W: Well, I am waiting for you to tell me what it is.
M: No, no, I didn't think that, don't worry.
W: I'm not worried, I was rather expectant.
M: But the minute you look at sorrow from the other side of sorrow --
W: It seems trivial?
M: You have trumped me, have told me to purify myself.
W: I am not a Puritan, or a purifier.
M: I don't lie, I don't tell the truth.
W: You prevaricate, perhaps?
M: The possibility of that wobble is a world that elaborates itself.
W: Giving us a wide realm between truth and fiction, called "tact."
M: She has unknowable experiences in her life.
W: If she is too tactful, she will never know them.
M: Exactly.
W: She may lose sight of who she really is.
M: What are you doing?
W: I am following a line of reasoning which you started.
M: If she is too tactful, she will never know them.
W: She will never know her own mind, as she will have smoothed out all its rough edges.
M: Do you like "classic rock"?
W: No, but I like ancient rock carvings.
M: That was an inappropriate answer.
W: Because I made a pun?
M: (Smiles)
W: At least you didn't groan!
M: Imagine a tall smokestack.
W: You tried that on me the other day!
M: Is this the celestial city?
W: Only a 19th-century industrialist's "celestial city" would have smokestacks.
M: It's painful when you can't get a good end rhyme.
W: Are you trying to rhyme "smokestack" or "city"?
M: I hadn't noticed.
W: If you want to find a good end rhyme, you have to know which word you're rhyming with.
M: You who trip on air, thrust under the foot like a balloon beacon.
W: That makes a good start to a poem!
M: Tell me.
W: What shall I tell you, that you are a great, unsung poet?
M: I will allow you to retain your secrets.
W: Does that mean that your greatness is my secret, and must remain so?
M: Try explaining please.
W: It sounds like you want only me to appreciate you.
M: You neither?
W: I do appreciate you!
M: What did?
W: I am not a thing!
M: Your meal looks good.
W: It may be crow, or humble pie.
M: Subjectivity works against you, financially speaking.
W: And yet the greatest writing comes from that "subjective" place, what John Gardner calls "understanding."
M: How do you know I am not an ATM, I would like to get some money.
W: You and all the other lyric poets!
M: What shall I tell you, that you are a great, unsung poet?
W: You may tell me that if you wish, but it would be better if you would tell some publisher.
M: I know the feeling.
W: Would you like to be published?
M: Relatively.
W: You have to want it one hundred percent for anything to come of it.
M: Who's back?
W: Is that Saint Thomas again?
M: That's what you are, the whispering inner voice.
W: I am not a saint, though.
M: Send the important people to me.
W: That had the ring of a Biblical quote mixed with that of a corporate shark.
M: Well, my eyes are well connected.
W: So you see only the best people?
M: What do you believe?
W: I believe what I can.
M: Why is that your favorite?
W: I am not interested in pointless striving.
M: Marie is a sister-in-law of sorts.
W: Marie, Maria or Mary?
M: The depredations of age come to us all.
W: Three old women who were once beautiful.
M: I'm getting a little theological, due to Berryman and Origen.
W: I forget who Origen is.
M: You don't like it.
W: At least you remember my tastes for me, like a faithful valet long in service!
M: I secreted it when you weren't looking.
W: You didn't tell me you were amassing a dossier on me.
M: Waiting in the wings?
W: You are probably waiting to take over.
M: Of course I can.
W: I leave the world to you, then.
M: But don't you want to add something?
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!