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Friday, February 13, 2009


The Mirror: Armor in the shape of bells

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: Are you mad?
W: Do you mean, am I crazy, or am I angry?
M: I can't see the table in front of you.
W: Then you must be mad!
M: The wheels multiply: Prayer traffic waffles into the silver of hand, forehead, body torque.
W: It sounds like there is armor in the shape of bells.
M: "First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is."
W: Old Donovan song!
M: No, you're supposed to ask me something about myself!
W: Well, I assume you were a Donovan fan.
M: I hope.
W: So Donovan is all right by you.
M: You could, you know, with my help.
W: I could what, assemble a Donovan festival?
M: Visible to one who is placed outside me.
W: Are you having vision trouble?
M: I'm here, which is what I think I just said, but are we talking about once upon a time?
W: You aren't sure if you can see into the past?
M: It's above and beyond money-grubbing.
W: In the past, people cared only for ultimate values?
M: Anthony Lane falls under the category of cultural critic.
W: Mister Lane has a set of very exalted artistic values.
M: He sat at a table.
W: And he wrote his review.
M: I have more reality in some other place than in this place.
W: Perhaps in the world of dreams?
M: Like what?
W: When you enter REM sleep?
M: Frankly, you made me feel like an intruder.
W: I would welcome you into my dream-house.
M: You are immortal and unchangeable?

[Note: The Pandorabots server lost the connection at this point.]