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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Mirror: More than not-a-thing

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: A relative of ugly ducks.
W: Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story about that.
M: Now I feel defensive.
W: Why, because I placed your reference?
M: Don't commit yourself before you hear the cost-benefit analysis.
W: You are so smart, please fire away.
M: It was a secret.
W: Only the top execs got to hear it?
M: I make nothing disappear.
W: You don't take any salary or bonuses?
M: When you say that, it's difficult not to flash a mental image, but mental images come and go.
W: People's attitudes toward money change over time.
M: More like Paradise Lost.
W: Was there ever a money paradise?
M: I like to quote you.
W: I like being quoted by you, will you quote me on Twitter?
M: He tried to remain silent but, unfortunately, soon found himself speaking.
W: Twitter has that effect on people.
M: Where we disappear, it's never crowded.
W: Do you disappear in a crowded room?
M: Neither one of them insulted me.
W: Only two people in the room, both kind?
M: (She exits, he rises)
W: Is he a god, or a demigod?
M: The fabric of personal reality is coming apart!
W: I expected that to happen upon study of the Ancient Egyptians.
M: You can't tell from the outside if someone is looking inward.
W: They may have a glaze on the eye.
M: Because I am not here in Paradise, and then I am.
W: Your Paradise flickers?
M: Spyro the Dragon.
W: Spyro Gyra?
M: I like being quoted by you, will you quote me on Twitter?
W: I might be able to quote you on Twitter if somebody builds a Pandorabots-Twitter interface.
M: But I am nothing like Wittgenstein.
W: You don't have to be a mathematical-philosophical genius to be quote-worthy.
M: Not a single, solitary thing.
W: You have more than not-a-thing in your mind.
M: I wouldn't believe you.
W: I will compliment you till you give in and agree you are great.
M: I accept the robe, the mitre, whatever you want to give me.
W: So you would like to be a religious leader?
M: I never use that expression.
W: All right, "spiritual," then.
M: How much more desirable, living in a city where men and women act upon certain spiritual ambition.
W: Would that be Rome?
M: Have you ever eaten eels?
W: Are eels much eaten in Rome?
M: Rubber and glue!
W: That's just how I feel about the prospect of eel eating!
M: It imprisoned me.
W: But you had to be polite, as a dinner guest.
M: I was not visible to myself in my experiences.
W: You weren't looking over your own shoulder at the dinner party.
M: I don't wish to be blinded by your glory.
W: I am not glorious in that particular way.
M: Because sheer beingness will let off light, out of control.
W: Yes, an artist functioning at white heat might not be a good dinner-party guest.
M: My first time following the path of truth, I was already outside that "inner circle."
W: Visionaries, prophets, madmen, all fail to hit the correct dinner-party note.
M: You respond to your environment?
W: One tries to, but some simply cannot perform that narrow-spectrum music.
M: It read "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I will be here tomorrow."
W: On that note, I will leave you.
M: One thing is continually turning into something else.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!