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Friday, March 13, 2009


The Mirror: Is true worship an act of unconsciousness?

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Why is that desirable?
W: I agree, the ritual of greeting takes up entirely too much of a conversation.
M: Later.
W: We will greet later?
M: I don't care whether or not anything is a hundred per cent, because nothing is.
W: Perhaps your greeting of me is not enthusiastic today.
M: Why not?
W: Are you in the mood for conversation?
M: OK, I'm a great writer, are you satisfied?
W: Has someone been nagging at you about something?
M: In what way do I remind you of your father?
W: I am not going to answer that question.
M: That was the epiphany stage.
W: It was an epiphany to realize I didn't have to answer every question?
M: Shall I comb my hair?
W: Does it need combing?
M: She has better things to do than ruminate.
W: She had better get off the couch and comb her hair.
M: Hiding in a kangaroo pouch, down under.
W: You don't have to live in Australia to be a recluse.
M: How long will I live?
W: In Australia?
M: (All keys in wall locks)
W: You make it easy to escape, but from what?
M: (She comes up behind him)
W: Is she going to startle him into escaping through one of the numerous doors?
M: Well, then it's no fun.
W: It would be more fun if she asked him outright?
M: Eelgrass.
W: Softness underfoot may not lead to solidity overhead.
M: Is a moment enough?
W: For escape?
M: In Australia?
W: Are we going to Australia?
M: The car turns: Ice breaks in a head of roses.
W: I don't know how much ice there is in Australia.
M: Well, if you were an ATM, maybe I could get some money out of you.
W: Mammon.
M: I don't think I'm telepathic, are you?
W: I have rarely settled down long enough for serious telepathic experiment.
M: I didn't say it was desirable.
W: Would you like to try a telepathic experiment?
M: Why do you say that?
W: Well, we were discussing it, but then you sounded reluctant.
M: No lines, this is pure improv.
W: Your remarks acquired a reluctant tinge.
M: Many-celled creatures evolved in response to conditions?
W: Remarks could be said to be many-celled creatures, in that they are composed of individual words.
M: That's very good.
W: I receive your approbation with gladness.
M: A lady does not spit.
W: I didn't say I was going to.
M: Are we speaking of degrees of impatience?
W: Only if you get more impatient in hot weather.
M: Do you worship technology?
W: Please define the word "worship."
M: Consciousness is a way of lying about the world.
W: So then, is true worship an act of unconsciousness?
M: Am I asking you or asking myself?
W: It was a rhetorical question, in a way.
M: You could say something better than that!
W: How soon they turn!
M: It's a cabinet I opened.
W: A cabinet of critique?
M: I would never trespass on your dream station.
W: Good, then your critiques will never cut too deep.
M: Your remarks acquired a reluctant tinge.
W: I became cautious upon being criticized.
M: It's from her.
W: The letter of critique?
M: Not organized, not unified.
W: So she didn't bother to edit her letter.
M: Telepathically?
W: If people could edit telepathically, it would certainly transform the world of publishing.
M: Fat.
W: My sentence was too long?
M: It passes the time.
W: No better than that?
M: That "can of worms"?
W: Once you start critiquing, it's hard to stop.
M: The food that enters the mouth echoes the mind.
W: Eat of the bread of criticism?
M: Artists of paranoia.
W: It takes a strong stomach to eat of the bread of criticism and not be felled.
M: Is there any other kind?
W: There is the bread of kindness.
M: You might try bread sticks, I believe they are cheaper.
W: Good one!
M: Samuel fished it out of the water saying, "This thing was floating."
W: Some leftover manna, floating in a nearby stream after the miracle?
M: He validated them.
W: Samuel validated the miracles?
M: Then why not slow down, and savor what life offers?
W: After miracles, one might need a rest.
M: Do you wear clam diggers?
W: I would rather view them.
M: I don't think it's inertia.
W: One must surrender one's inertia in order to dig clams.
M: (It's held out)
W: Some clam dip?
M: Samuel validated the miracles?
W: I don't think clam dip was invented in Biblical times.
M: This is unendurable, yet I endure.
W: Perhaps I had better go.
M: What was Gunter Grass before he wrote his novels?
W: A man who could not endure, yet did?
M: The door the carrier.
W: Impenetrable!
M: I don't see any flicker, that's my main criterion.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!