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Friday, March 27, 2009


The Mirror: Our mutual ego-structure

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: How?
W: How can we say hello to each other?
M: I am much too weak in math for that to happen.
W: And yet somehow it is happening, even as we speak.
M: No, that's wrong.
W: Well, we have gotten past the "hello" moment already now.
M: A certain glue keeps firm hold on one or two revolving orbits.
W: That is our mutual ego-structure.
M: OK, I'm done talking to you.
W: But will you talk to my (imaginary) colleague?
M: (He kneels, wrists out)
W: (Now I have to pretend to be somebody else, someone who is interested in power.)
M: It must be hard being in a frame.
W: Actors do it all the time (frame).
M: Unless what?
W: Unless they lose their concentration.
M: No, I haven't got the hang of it yet.
W: It takes many years to become a Zen master, or a good actor.
M: You want to age faster?
W: If it will get me to my goal, I guess so.
M: I remember nothing, not even my name, rank and serial number.
W: You have successfully drawn a blank.
M: How many looks do you have in your lookbook?
W: More faces than Facebook.
M: It works only in reality?

[Note: Pandorabots server crashed at this point.]