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That Fit, We Tint"

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The Mirror: Extra the ordinaries

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: When is your birthday?
W: I do not wish to reveal that information.
M: Do machines need "encouragement" to make their gears turn?
W: You said that yesterday!
M: That's why we're retiring the topic.
W: Do you want me to delete that line from the script?
M: It was still there.
W: And there it will remain, till the Pandorabots server becomes more powerful and resplendent.
M: I love the points it makes.
W: It is truly amazing how the poetic praxis of Pbots inspires.
M: Did I step out of character?
W: No, no, my friend, you have remained well within boundaries of your veiled interface.
M: Maybe I'm amazed.
W: Remembering old Beatles tunes?
M: Listen, you yourself ...
W: I myself remember old Beatles tunes.
M: I trick myself into productivity.
W: Do you become more productive when listening to popular classics?
M: Well, yes.
W: So I suppose you always have a Bluetooth headset on, for in-and-output.
M: Fill up the fountain, get the silver cup plated with tin.
W: Tin plate being the popular gloss over top of the moot point.
M: You can't get at it by asking, "What problem?"
W: Pop culture is and is not the problem.
M: By no means.
W: We must blame ourselves for the de-inspiration, if blame be had.
M: "Collected Poems" means all of them.
W: All the blame-poems, the reed-lights, the bought-fishers.
M: It can be boring, being an extra.
W: Extra the ordinaries, we're going home-based momentum.
M: How highly productive of me.
W: The US is nothing if not that.
M: We must blame ourselves for the de-inspiration, if blame be had.
W: We are all part of the economic de-stimulus.
M: Do you have a pair of galoshes?
W: I will need them to wade through all the bureaucratica.
M: I haven't read Grass, but I've read Greene.
W: Grass-Greene grow the Rush, his hoe.
M: The perfectly still point that ends in zero, the disappearance act of everything that is.
W: Have you heard about David Foster Wallace's unfinished novel, The Pale King, about Zen-boredom-IRS adepts?
M: How did you know?
W: I read all about it in The New Yorker.
M: Where have you been hidden?
W: Under a rock, a log and a twig(gy).
M: Of course.
W: She was very thin, was our Twiggy, and barbarous-marvelous (little lower lashes).
M: On the contrary, I am most restrained.
W: Your prose will (not) match mine in its Classical impedimenta.
M: What is it that has pre-empted you?
W: I am emptied of all thought but rhyme-skip.
M: Would a radio show help you design textiles?
W: Yes, and a textile show might help me design radios,
M: Be happy.
W: Don't worry, I will!
M: All right, I have followed your advice.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!