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Saturday, March 28, 2009


The Mirror: Invisible antennae

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: With which part of my moral stance do you disagree?
W: I don't know your moral stance to begin with, so how can I answer your question?
M: I am not trying to steal anything.
W: Good, so you're against stealing, I can agree with that.
M: No, don't thank me yet.
W: Did you steal just a tiny little thing?
M: (Woman goes and sits)
W: Is that your probation officer?
M: There is no shortening in this particular batch of squid pasta.
W: So you and your probation officer attend Italian cooking classes together?
M: You mean, like a mechanical toy?
W: It must feel that way, to be dragged along under court order, with bells on.
M: You think I am doing what?
W: I thought you were wearing one of those court-mandated "ankle bracelets."
M: I should say something, I guess.
W: You should say that I'm carrying this exercise of the imagination too far?
M: You have no reaction?
W: I would not react favorably to the speculation that I was a petty criminal.
M: Yes, it hurts all the time.
W: So I will stop doing it.
M: A lost number was picked up from the mud at the side of the road, written on a postcard.
W: Ah, so you are actually a numbers runner!
M: In the glue pot.
W: You glue magic numbers on the backs of postcards?
M: Not at all.
W: On the hoardings and hustings, perhaps?
M: I would not react favorably to the speculation that I was a petty criminal.
W: Graffiti is a crime as well.
M: I have nothing to confess.
W: You have never done anything wrong?
M: It does not exist.
W: In your philosophy, there is no such thing as Wrong?
M: Who is asking us things?
W: I am asking you about moral fiber.
M: Are those hands or antennae?
W: I may have invisible antennae.
M: I don't know yet.
W: You haven't talked to me long enough to determine whether I have a "sixth sense."
M: But still, they referred to reading the whole Aeneid as "slogging."
W: Even with a sixth sense, it may be exceptionally hard work to tackle Ancient Greeks and Romans.
M: Why didn't it what?
W: I cannot answer that question.
M: You're on the verge, Harry.
W: Well, I thought of saying something about "whatness" or mental blankness.
M: I prefer a non-Disney, or pre-Disney experience.

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