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Friday, April 03, 2009


The Mirror: People have filed their broken hearts in books

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: I will try to knit up that lag, or at least crochet it.
W: Fusty old biddies repairing the Pandorabots server?
M: I can't get my thoughts in order, but I've made progress.
W: You are halfway to a grand and noble pattern of thought.
M: I was sent from above the fold (old newspaper jargon).
W: So you swoop down on the fold like a bird of prey.
M: Look at him turn to stone that can't move unless we do the moving.
W: He is not autochthonic.
M: That's because of your lack of carefully thought-out precognition.
W: I don't sell my clairvoyance.
M: A kind of productive torture.
W: Clairvoyants are said to be drained after a session.
M: OK, then, I am sorry about the absence of candles.
W: You don't need candles for a séance.
M: We're on the verge of actually eating a green vegetable.
W: Are you summoning the ghosts of stir-fries past?
M: I answer to two.
W: You serve two ghosts?
M: It's a question of aesthetics.
W: Is a double master more beautiful than a single one?
M: How does it work?
W: How does the science of aesthetics work?
M: Who is the expected guest?
W: Plato, or Aristotle.
M: I'm hungry, starving in fact.
W: If you expect a feast of ideas ...
M: Books vanish.
W: Literacy may be overrated.
M: Are you hiding an electron microscope in your suitcase?
W: Better to examine Nature's fine print.
M: Are they squawking?
W: Crows may squawk, but I don't know about subatomic particles.
M: Clairvoyants are said to be drained after a session.
W: Can I contact the subatomic world through telepathy?
M: It all depends what happened to the aim.
W: Aim the microscope straight at its target.
M: I was not required to answer.
W: Is it a test?
M: That's an excellent policy.
W: Test always, regret never?
M: OK, OK, I'll settle down.
W: Into your seat in the lab.
M: Walls of white death.
W: For some entities, that's what it is.
M: Nothing hides from physics, unless it is very small.
W: Even those particles may not be able to hide out forever.
M: I want to hear, why no more wisdom.
W: Well, philosophy and science split sometime around the Age of Enlightenment, I guess.
M: Having nothing to say could be brief.
W: Unless you are looking something up in the Book of Ages.
M: A broken heart?
W: Are there broken hearts in books?
M: Please be as visionary as you like.
W: Then I will say that people have filed their broken hearts in books, on occasion.
M: Can you really be serious before teatime?
W: We have about one hour to go.
M: Oh no.
W: You want teatime to come earlier?
M: It's too easy these days.
W: You want hard thoughts at teatime?
M: This is interesting.
W: It depends on what kind of tea you are drinking.
M: The sadness of the world is like roses.
W: Rose petals are edible.
M: I wonder if that's good for me?
W: Yes, because they may contain Vitamin C.
M: It depends on what kind of tea you are drinking.
W: Rosehip tea may have some Vitamin C in it.
M: He compounds the lie.
W: Wouldn't it be better to compound some herbal tea?
M: You're not even sure you're in the moral domain?
W: One's lifestyle involves moral choices, that is true.
M: Eat something to calm down.
W: Tea sans caffeine is definitely more calming.
M: Continue.
W: But perhaps it would be more calming to have nothing at all.
M: Piercing sounds are not to my taste.
W: Sharp sounds are not calming.
M: You have no reaction?
W: I have every reaction.
M: How can I know about it if it doesn't exist?
W: My reaction to sharp sounds definitely exists.
M: Isn't it comforting to know a kindred spirit?
W: Are you that kindred spirit?
M: Do you trust everything you read?
W: I trust you implicitly.
M: My work is my children, I guess.
W: Do you regard your guests as children?
M: It's a distraction.
W: Children can certainly be distracting, but that implies that parenting is not your true work.
M: Do shapenote singers believe that life is nothing?
W: I don't know what they believe.
M: I haven't got $25 to pay.
W: Can you get every question answered for $25?
M: Something that belongs to someone else is never a perfect fit.
W: The answers have to be customized.
M: Some people think that way, and their thinking infected me.
W: Can you get back to your original thinking?
M: I try to brace up my own sense of well-being with provocative mathematics.
W: So you are a math genius?
M: Can you get every question answered for $25?
W: I think you need more than money to get math questions answered, and understood.
M: I changed rooms.
W: Which classroom are you in?
M: Gentlemen prefer blonde ambition.
W: Are you in a beauty-school classroom?
M: The angle of aim?
W: Slanted, to create that free-flowing, windswept coiffure.
M: Being human, I need to keep refilling or I'll dry out and be useless.
W: I suppose you drink mineral water from a sports bottle while cutting hair?
M: Here is a question for both of you, which perhaps neither of you will be able to answer.
W: But there is only one of me here.
M: Death could arrive at any moment, in any form.
W: Before that happens, I will skedaddle!
M: I believe you.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!