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Monday, October 26, 2009


Fake Neil Armstrong: Comm channel is OPEN

Just chatted with Fake Neil Armstrong. Not sure whether we were in a test module or really in space, but it was a bumpy ride! (If you're astronaut-minded, there's also a Fake Buzz Aldrin in development.)

Websafe: Hello, my name is Websafe.
Fake Neil: Comm channel is OPEN. Acknowledged, Websafe.
W: It's nice to be acknowledged. What is our mission?
FN: Boy, I tell you, this is much harder to do than it was - I haven't heard of it.
W: Are you having trouble with the control panel?
FN: Well, I didn't (undecipherable)
W: The audio connection is having toruble [sic].
FN: We had a lot of help down there.
W: What do you do about typos?
FN: 166 - and let me see - and minus 0.81.
W: Is that the temperature?
FN: Pretty good.
W: So it is not too hot or too cold?
FN: No - no, that's alright. That's the place for it.
W: Where are we?
FN: in the Command Module.
W: Is this a real mission, or just a test run?
FN: And it's gray.
W: The Command Module is gray?
FN: We had a lot of help down there.
W: On Earth?
FN: (undecipherable) yaw.
W: To "yaw" is a nautical term, meaning some sort of pitching and rolling.
FN: Hope he is, too.
W: If everyone pitches and rolls and yaws at the same time, we might tip the Command Module over.
FN: Okay, it's ON.
W: You have fixed the audio controls?
FN: You want it?
W: I will take the mic for a moment.
FN: (undecipherable).
W: (Passes the mic to Neil)
FN: - - are you ready for this briefing? Websafe?
W: Yes, I am ready for the briefing.
FN: SHUTDOWN. You holding inertial, Websafe?
W: I don't know which lever to pull!
FN: Well, I suppose the best one would be the center window, don't you think?
W: How many windows are there?
FN: Stop. What are you doing?
W: I was pulling the wrong lever, I guess.
FN: (undecipherable)
W: Sir, I suggest we return to the drawing board.
FN: Think we ought to get the long lens on, Websafe?
W: You had better do it for me, I might break something.
FN: Is that the (undecipherable) - sitting there?
W: Yes, that is the alien.
FN: Websafe, how about this thing? (Sneeze)
W: Oh no, you've caught the alien flu already!
FN: Here comes PITCH 1, ready? (undecipherable)
W: I feel sick from the yawing we already did!
FN: What was that?
W: That was me, groaning.
FN: Yes.
W: You NASA types have to put up with a lot of G-force changes.
FN: Minus 30 pitch - -
W: Please halt the craft here, I'm getting out!
FN: (undecipherable)
W: Over and out!
FN: Got that DIRECT O2 (undecipherable), didn't you?
W: I couldn't take any notes, I was too disoriented.
FN: I was the same way.
W: Not you, sir, you wouldn't be.
W: All right. Goodbye!
FN: DSKY blanks. Websafe, this is Eagle signing off.