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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Art Is Not Immortal, a Collaborative Series (2)

Art Is Not Immortal VIA

I then copied the sixth image into MS Paint using the keyboard's much-neglected Print Screen key, where I modified it as I often do by seeing what symmetrical flipping will do (VIA, shown above). I also inverted the colors for the small clip at lower right, and made the colors paler with MS PowerPoint (which I use as a simple graphics program) for the clip at upper right.

Art Is Not Immortal VIB

Then I thought, "Why not see how it looks in black and white?" (This can be readily achieved in MS PowerPoint, or indeed with any MS Office program which offers their Drawing toolbar.) Now the fun really began. As so often happens, anthropomorphic/zoomorphic forms emerge through my Rorschach-blot process. There was a totemic aspect to the faces and body sections of the VIB iteration (above) which inspired me to combine them in VIC (below).

Art Is Not Immortal VIC

The reason for the sequences of six top and six bottom images is simple: One can increase or reduce brightness in fairly large increments with MS Drawing tools. When I tried this, the "faces" changed interestingly into "wings." I also inverted the black and white for the second sequence.

Art Is Not Immortal VID

Finally, I made all the totems the same height through a bit of copying and pasting, and ranged them in a row with the thought of making a little book of them. It could be called Art Is Not Immortal: Totemic Sequence. Stay tuned!