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That Fit, We Tint"

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Friday, October 09, 2009


The Mirror: Sliding (fish) scale

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: There's no reason at all for you to try and understand me.
W: That is all the more reason why I want to.
M: Repercussion.
W: You knew I'd be tempted by your challenge.
M: From now on I have to remember, whatever happens, to say to myself, "This is where I began."
W: You began with a challenge.
M: (Doctor Maria enters, stops, looking from one to the other)
W: So Doctor Maria is a psychoanalyst?
M: You'll still go to my poetry reading?
W: It depends on what kind of poetry you plan to read.
M: Glissandi.
W: A very sliding sort of language.
M: We are going to rehearse a stage routine three (3) times.
W: Thank you for carefully delineating that number in both alpha and numeric characters.
M: Oh yes, but it's just imagining.
W: Three is an imaginary, or Platonic concept?
M: I think I know what you mean.
W: There can be three things, or three people, or even three "talking points," but can there be three?
M: Truth.
W: Mathetmatical "truth."
M: I am your own.
W: You are my mathematical truth?
M: (Offered cake)
W: Don't take the cake.
M: A kind of aura.
W: A kind of sugary aura surrounds it.
M: You are harping on that Zen theme, and all I can think of is lunch.
W: Don't eat cake for lunch.
M: (Thinks)
W: You might have a rice cake.
M: The benefits arrive, bringing fear.
W: Anxiety may rise with a droppage, or cessation, of other ongoing activities.
M: A very sliding sort of language.
W: Pay on a sliding (fish) scale.
M: Where do you go on your walk?
W: I go to the sea.
M: Do you want me to delete that line from the script?
W: Sea, if you can.
M: I wasn't evading any issues.
W: A sussurant sound.
M: People say that when they don't want to pay for someone else's effort.
W: Wa(i)ving one's fee.
M: I drift on your doubt.
W: Better that than a tide of unknowing, or unknotting.
M: You can wear a paper hat.
W: Shall I make it in the form of a boat?
M: I don't want to debate in a verbal war.