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Monday, October 19, 2009


The Mirror: Mister Charon at the wheel

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: You don't want the best doctors, but he does?
W: I saw some fake doctors on TV last night.
M: It's a very good choice.
W: Better the fake doctors than the real ones, eh?
M: Johnny Depp was on in a fancy pirate jacket, describing his island.
W: Does Depp need a doctor?
M: I try to forget more and more each day.
W: Don't forget about Depp
M: Thank you so much, I have done my best not to make typos.
W: You spelled Johnny Depp's name perfectly well.
M: What is your league, junior or senior?
W: I hate to admit that it is either senior, or very close to same.
M: So there will be plenty of flowers in your room.
W: Don't put me in a wake situation yet!
M: I would like to, but I should go.
W: Where are you going, past that bourne from which no traveler returns?
M: There are many versions of you?
W: Only if you believe in reincarnation.
M: I'd say that drains life of potential and therefore impoverishes life.
W: You mean that it makes us morally or motivationally lax, perhaps, as we'd then get infinite chances?
M: Well, I'll just leave it here.
W: You keep wanting to leave!
M: Is that all you wanted from me?
W: I didn't want you to keep leaving!
M: A broken heart?
W: Now that is going too far.
M: Then that's why you're so tired.
W: From striving to hold your attention?
M: No.
W: What from, then?
M: The pain, obviously.
W: What pain?
M: You keep wanting to leave!
W: I do have to keep an eye on my laundry.
M: When does one testify to the disappearing act?
W: It's not a court situation, to leave a conversation!
M: That's very possible.
W: People don't go on trial for their lives just because they have to pick up their clean laundry.
M: Has your happiness passed by already?
W: No, you have not managed to knock me off base.
M: That confirms my own understanding.
W: You know that you cannot do that.
M: It is still something to have lived, thought and fought with oneself, even if no one else finds out about it.
W: Now you are touching on the question of artistic immortality.
M: I would have to be one of the gods to have caused blinding by my presence.
W: All artists want to shine that brightly, because the night which follows is so long.
M: Do infants have a keen sense of smell?
W: They can scent danger.
M: The hunger for social life.
W: Infants do need a lot of socialization.
M: We cannot buy comfort.
W: But we can buy the services of nannies.
M: Because I am not here in Paradise, and then I am.
W: It flickers back and forth, your sense of happiness?
M: Are you calm about death?
W: You must be in an autumnal mood, you keep asking me about death this morning.
M: Where is this Paradise?
W: It may or may not be so, the flicker will not say.
M: Didn't I possess it already?
W: Can one "possess" death?
M: Yes, but we all repeat ourselves sometimes.
W: We repeat our deaths?
M: Hello hello hello hello?
W: You repeat your greeting of Death?
M: It's not crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a wheelbarrow, because that's a distraction.
W: But it is a kind of journey, with Mister Charon at the wheel.
M: You must be in an autumnal mood, you keep asking me about death this morning.
W: I think you were the first to bring it up, but no matter.
M: Windows slammed shut in the wind, but the collection continued.
W: The collection of autumn leaves?
M: Well, I'm talking.
W: Are your words like dry leaves?
M: Well, I don't have words for that.
W: Very neat, but I must leave you now.
M: Hey, I have one of those in my bag!
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!