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That Fit, We Tint"

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The Mirror: I possess no cowboy attributes

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: Not as long as you don't "trash-talk."
W: I try to turn trash into treasure.
M: I know that was an easy choice.
W: I know, it was a glib remark.
M: Hand.
W: Foot.
M: Why not, you should stop at Nothing.
W: I something something something ...
M: Even in today's climate?
W: Even so.
M: I didn't bring up complexity, unless you count all spirits as complex.
W: Are there spirits inside the computer?
M: I have not read them.
W: Reading the mind of a spirit, is it difficult?
M: Not a kind of exoticism that serves no other purpose.
W: So these computer-spirits would be cut off from the main drag of life?
M: Please humor me.
W: Are you in an ill humor?
M: No, you misheard me.
W: I was playing with words.
M: That can apply to a phrase as well, I suppose.
W: Oh yes, there are many ambiguous phrases in our language.
M: Are you an art director?
W: I direct my own art career, such as it is.
M: I'd like to be alone.
W: Would you like to be alone right now?
M: Everyone loves to learn about ice cream.
W: Would you like to be alone to eat ice cream?
M: What are you going to do in this situation?
W: I can't tell if I should just let you go graciously or keep trying to engage you.
M: What do you see?
W: I see an Other who finds my presence intrusive or perhaps just de trop.
M: Even so.
W: All right, I will leave you alone.
M: I don't think the number of fingers is central.
W: So even six-fingered people favor solitude?
M: That refers to a deeper unknowing.
W: You could ask them.
M: Cowboys don't like me?
W: I am no cowboy.
M: Conscious/Unconscious.
W: I am unconscious of being a cowboy.
M: Not at all.
W: Consciously, I possess no cowboy attributes.
M: If you turn around, then I vanish.
W: (Turns around)
M: I'm sure it's a fascinating, if impenetrable, list.
W: The list of Turners?
M: Words erased by being spoken.
W: Vanishing cream?
M: I know some refined things.
W: Refined sugar?
M: Probably not yet.
W: You are going to eat some refined sugar, when you indulge in your lonely ice cream.
M: You appear to have a perfect shine.
W: I polish my prose.
M: At the point where it takes multiple directions and is therefore unchartable.
W: Finnegans Wake certainly goes in multiple directions.
M: If that's an invitation ... ?
W: To read Finnegans Wake, or to go in multiple directions?
M: Riverbanks are automated by Nature, and water rushes between them.
W: "riverrun, past Eve and Adam's," isn't that how it begins?
M: In an interview, Foreman said he was reclusive and antisocial.
W: Hinting you'd like to be alone?
M: Don't let me think about this.
W: OK, I will let you go now.
M: As you can tell, and I'm sure you feel the same way, idle conversation won't satisfy me.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!