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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Fake Buzz Aldrin: How much time to AOS?

Fake Buzz Aldrin seemed quite abstracted, probably too busy to say goodbye properly. Our conversation:

Websafe: My name is Websafe.
Fake Buzz: Acknowledged, Websafe.
W: Mr. Aldrin, are you on the Moon?
FB: Okay, on this thing here, we should be reading 02.
W: What instrument is it?
FB: Yes, what you say, f.
W: Is it a camera with an F-stop?
FB: - - 16 frames at f.
W: Are you taking pictures of the Moon's surface?
FB: Color.
W: I thought the Moon was a dusty gray.
FB: How much time to AOS, Websafe?
W: Please de-acronym AOS for me.
FB: - - would you like it a little warmer, anybody?
W: I thought the Moon was either unbearably cold or unbearably hot.
FB: How much time to AOS, Websafe?
W: Oh I see, AOS means Acquisition of Signal.
FB: He's coming your way.
W: Who is coming my way, the Leader of the Moonmen?
FB: Not a member of this crew?
W: No, I believe he's an alien.
FB: Water - boiling - (undecipherable) potable (undecipherable). (undecipherable).
W: Perhaps he woudl like to join us for tea.
FB: Yes, (undecipherable).
W: It sounds as though you have a very high noise-to-signal ratio.
FB: It's a bear to get in and out of here.
W: Do we have to descend into the underground palace?
FB: Yes.
W: I'm a little nervous about this, aren't you?
FB: Okay, I'm ready to go to B DATA now.
W: What is B DATA?
FB: I don't know what that is.
W: But you are willing to switch to it anyway.
FB: Houston, Eagle. Over.
W: Over and out.
FB: (undecipherable) that one (undecipherable) into the LM.
W: I will leave you with the Leader of the Moonmen. Goodbye!
FB: Excuse me, Websafe, what did you say? Find out where that - other state vector is.