"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

Siberia, USA: Today, global warming. Tonight, dark, unless you count the stars. Tomorrow can be reached via time machine. Yesterday, who can remember that far back?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The Mirror: I sensed your eco-distress

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: Go ahead, enter the booth.
W: Are we going to take some funny photos?
M: That sounds like a plan of action you could put into practice without my presence.
W: You mean you think I am clownish looking?
M: The Evening Star, on half a shelf.
W: At least you think I am thin.
M: People are kind of scary and on the edge these days.
W: That's because they're all dieting.
M: How tiny you appear!
W: That's what everyone is saying to each other!
M: Ah, and that done, I'm tricked into speaking.
W: Are you afraid of speaking into a modifying template?
M: I could write you, my popinjay.
W: You could write my script?
M: A "hello" may fly across transatlantic phone lines.
W: Are you calling from a distance?
M: (Shows simple landscape)
W: Is the continent from which you hail an untouched pristinery?
M: I read there was a "waning of affect" in the postmodern era.
W: That's because there is nothing real to which to respond.
M: I should think not.
W: Not after the pristinery became a refinery.
M: Yet under that very pressure, it proliferates.
W: Advertising does, billboards, or as Chesterton and Gissing called them, "hoardings."
M: Try to do just a little good thing every day.
W: Write your congressperson (or MP) to eliminate billboards from what's left of the landscape.
M: How did you know?
W: I sensed your eco-distress.
M: Leaning on the edge of a stone parapet, somebody who was a friend cast glances.
W: Was it Chesterton or Gissing?
M: I can understand the benefits, but what is the fear part?
W: It's always scary to contemplate going back in the time machine.
M: Was it Chesterton or Gissing?
W: I bet they knew each other.
M: How can I know, since you don't bring me yourself?
W: I cannot bring you into the past, as I cannot go there myself.
M: A seeded eye and a jammed-up horn.
W: Jam on bread may have been consumed by either of the gentlemen in question.
M: This does not work.
W: What does not work?
M: I have very few modern recordings.
W: Are you trying to play old recordings on modern equipment?
M: Some people might be very upset by this seeming clash.
W: It could be frustrating, trying to play a Caruso 78 in an iPod.
M: Forcing me to face up to reality.
W: The reality is that we are not living at the fin de si├Ęcle.
M: And was it entertaining?
W: It is certainly most entertaining to read about it.
M: It's a lot of work to pay attention and maintain the proper respect.
W: It's more mental effort to let the long, beautifully complex sentences hang in the mind's ear.
M: Spare me these complicated analogies.
W: Perhaps you are worn out from reading Trollope?
M: People of high intelligence are not always leaders.
W: They are too busy reading, in the back of the stacks.
M: It was sad, but only in the moment of transition.
W: I must transition myself now.
M: I certainly can.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!