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Monday, April 13, 2009


The Mirror: Credibility nexus

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: What bedeviled Shakespeare?
W: Probably the fact that Man was mortal.
M: I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of today's technology.
W: Neither was Shakespeare.
M: Maybe it's your face in the wall, but then again, it's so elusive, it could be me.
W: Are you looking for recognizable shapes in some mass of random visual noise?
M: Can you blame me for not wanting to humiliate myself in front of Max?
W: I don't know which Max you mean, is it Max Beerbohm?
M: You mean ...
W: Yes, the English aphorist and wit.
M: Wouldn't I have acted upon that impulse, and why not?
W: You might have been too shy to fire back at the waiting dinner table.
M: I think that would be acceptable, not particularly eccentric.
W: It depends how far out on a limb you venture.
M: No, but I will take my leave now.
W: You mean, your shore leave?
M: Do you daydream of being a psychoanalyst?
W: If I can free-associate along with my patients.
M: If you have nothing to say, is that having something to say?
W: It certainly makes a statement.
M: What was it?
W: A Zen koan, perhaps.
M: Rapid eye movement?
W: That would be dreaming.
M: This too, echoed like a thunderstorm in those random tables to which her measurements alluded.
W: That is a very poetic way to look at a chart.
M: I believe that they do, but it may take a while to cohere.
W: "They" meaning the lyric poets?
M: Grove-loss re-fingered, flip into alto-adjust.
W: Now that was certainly lyric!
M: Tell me, tell me the answer!
W: Old Beatles songline.
M: That is a very poetic way to look at a chart.
W: Guitar chart?
M: Marie cocked her head at an angle and cried at something.
W: She must be one of the backup singers.
M: I'm just savoring the moment.
W: You wanted to leave before.
M: They pass in review.
W: The moments, the hours.
M: It broadcast streetward, toward those who passed or entered Radio Hotel.
W: Radio waves are active.
M: But will you talk to my (imaginary) colleague?
W: Bring him on(stage)!
M: Why did you welcome such a thing?
W: I would always rather talk to imaginary people than ...
M: On that basis and on that basis alone, I am wiling to speak about my so-called adventures.
W: Tell me about the first adventure.
M: Are you going to die if you can't open your suitcase?
W: I have a pen and paper at the ready, in my bag.
M: Tell me about this language machine.
W: It is a very old-fashioned method for taking down thoughts.
M: Wrong, wrong, wrong.
W: Maybe you mean that pen and paper are staging a comeback?
M: Are you at the apex?
W: No, but I am at the credibility nexus (next to the credit union).
M: Hedgerow.
W: Under which the Irish learnt, illegally, to read.
M: Is she going to startle him into escaping through one of the numerous doors?
W: I will escape through the door of "Goodbye."
M: Does God wear intellectual's clothing?
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!