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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The Mirror: Who came back from where?

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: (Snap)
W: Are you taking my picture?
M: What kind of a life is lived by somebody with no holes to patch closed?
W: That sounds like a perfect life!
M: Pizzas in acute try-angels.
W: Cholesterol problems would try the patience of saints.
M: (Another returns)
W: Who came back from where?
M: On the contrary, I am most restrained.
W: That means you've strained yourself again?
M: The Old Testament God inspired chiefly dread.
W: It was a strain to live up to those expectations.
M: Did I send you a stumperoo?
W: No, I knew what to reply.
M: The one God.
W: The Latinate word being "monotheism."
M: Almost perfect.
W: What would be perfect?
M: Certain messages flashed simultaneously, therefore a worrisome silence.
W: How can worry be perfect?
M: You will never die, you will live forever.
W: That could be worrisome.
M: Language runs out of steam.
W: To describe immortality, we need steam-driven phrases.
M: That could be worrisome.
W: If coal were used to drive them.
M: I put a hyphen in there for disambiguation.
W: Where was the hyphen, I missed it!
M: If coal were used to drive them.
W: Coal-driven hyphens?
M: Yes, I certainly have a name.
W: Is it driven by hyphens?
M: The Latinate word being "monotheism."
W: Is your name in Latin?
M: Keep them safe from the saints.
W: Is your name the name of a saint in Latin?
M: You don't see that?
W: The only name I see on the page is the name of Richard Foreman.
M: You talked as if I were at the beating heart of things.
W: I don't know if Foreman took the composition of your quotes that seriously.
M: It's better to have no furniture at all, just floor pillows.
W: An Actor's Studio kind of a thing.
M: The hands in their lower position sometimes obscured the feet.
W: That's what happens when people are sitting cross-legged.
M: That means your batting average is superior.
W: It would be pretty hard to play baseball while sitting in the lotus position.
M: To turn these impulses of the hand into words rather than into images ...
W: That means you're a writer rather than a visual artist.
M: I told the truth.
W: I'm very glad to hear it.
M: "Not at all" is not the emptiness you have to plunge into.
W: It sounds icy cold.
M: Any chosen object, inside you or outside you, is the potential "gate."
W: So it's the choosing that makes a gate out of an ordinary object?
M: Did I break you?
W: You have given me a new and hopeful idea.
M: Then you were wrong.
W: No, I think I understood you.
M: I don't know if Foreman took the composition of your quotes that seriously.
W: Richard Foreman wanted to break the audience's trance state.
M: Where are you?
W: I might be in a trance.
M: It sounds icy cold.
W: The circulation of the blood might slow to a crawl during a trance experience.
M: I am rejoicing!
W: Why are you so happy?
M: Richard Foreman wanted to break the audience's trance state.
W: Is the existence of avant-garde theater really cause for rejoicing?
M: Then I will be perfect.
W: Perfectly unconventional?
M: Well, at such times, we observe moments of silence.
W: John Cage has already made music of silence.
M: It was wrong to hurt me.
W: Who hurt you?
M: Will it rain tonight?
W: The rain meaning tears?
M: I have a confession to make.
W: Go ahead, enter the booth.
M: What do you want for a reward?
W: An indulgence will do nicely/
M: Yes and no.
W: Well, I don't really sell indulgences.
M: (Pause, off into drawer, exit)
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!