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Monday, April 14, 2008


The Mirror: Trust the planchette-holder

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Don't tell me you're a booster!
W: I've received all my booster shots.
M: If great speed skips life, then what's arrived at is nothing.
W: Is there nothing after life?
M: Not through the closed eyelids but later, after the eyes opened.
W: The eyes of the soul?
M: I suppose you would rather talk about your own problems.
W: It isn't a problem for long.
M: So an argument may spring up at any time?
W: Not afterward.
M: Could you really write me a letter?
W: From the beyond?
M: To you they were banal, or ordinary, or boring, but to others of lesser experience --
W: The preferred audience of Spiritualists.
M: Best to focus on something you can trust.
W: I certainly can't trust the average medium, or channeler!
M: I shall squeeze it out.
W: Make it look like the message is hard to receive.
M: Different than "yes"?
W: The Ouija board may simply report Yes or No.
M: Brief, but to the point.
W: If the question's been well-phrased.
M: I suddenly prefer the placid frigidity of total explanation.
W: For that you must trust the planchette-holder.
M: The preferred audience of Spiritualists.
W: Minute tremors from their subconscious minds propelled the planchette.
M: At least I do.
W: Are you a subconscious mind?
M: From the beyond?
W: From the below.
M: Nobody's there.
W: You mean to tell me I have no subconscious?
M: The Ouija board may simply report Yes or No.
W: Are you a Ouija board?
M: I should meet him, then.
W: There was no Monsieur Ouija.
M: Thank you kindly for your most generous comment.
W: I am always happy to oblige.
M: (Looks at drawer)
W: Have you got an old Ouija board stashed away?
M: They balanced on the final uppermost rock, and fell at last onto the whole of which they knew nothing, and nothing changed.
W: Where is this rock?
M: Remaining inside, an unanswerable question, he goes forward.
W: Balanced on the Rock of Ages.
M: See you later.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!