"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Saturday, March 29, 2008


The Mirror: You've transmitterated!

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Do you want to go to the Frick Museum?
W: Only if I could get there by tele-transport.
M: I only want the restaurant to have one or two other customers.
W: It sounds like an idyllic afternoon.
M: (Rising)
W: Are you getting up to go?
M: The sociology of boxing was touched on by Joyce Carol Oates.
W: But that subject would spoil our ladies' luncheon.
M: I want to close my eyes and plunge deep into a real darkness, full of faith, not the kind that energizes.
W: Maybe we should attend a seance after lunch.
M: You were talking about chewing gum stuck to the pavement.
W: Chewing gum can be removed from one's shoe with a few drops of vegetable oil.
M: Can you see into my mind if you stand tiptoe on a tall tower?
W: Is that what we have to do for telepathy, teeter?
M: Why would you want to do that?
W: I wouldn't want to, as it might crack my glass slippers.
M: He can eat sparsely, and read this or that Tsu.
W: If he joins us for luncheon, he may wish to read aloud to the waiter.
M: You are, perhaps, a follower of the mystery religions.
W: I follow them, but I do not lead into print.
M: Tell me a story.
W: Once there was a wizard.
M: I accept the robe, the mitre, whatever you want to give me.
W: Are you going to act out my story?
M: Is that what we have to do for telepathy, teeter?
W: We're teetering on the brink of a cross-correspondence.
M: I'm so glad you came by to see me.
W: The pleasure is all mine, as I hail from the hallows of Des Moines.
M: Are you getting up to go?
W: No, I am sitting down to drift.
M: I know, you can't always be renovating door paneling.
W: Never in my life have I done such a thing, but I have doubted.
M: No, I am sitting down to drift.
W: I doubt your drift.
M: That could be taken in ambiguous fashion.
W: Am I a big you?
M: One's weight takes on a life of its own.
W: Weight, weight, don't toll me!
M: The idea is to get rid of all desire.
W: When de sire spick-n-spans, da pipple leasens.
M: And the answer is: to be determined, over the course of time.
W: That is an all-purpose answer, from the hotpot.
M: We're not always cartoon characters, except maybe from the outside.
W: Out sighed, when in stepped the quart-une.
M: Some people would read in secret, a few would be caught and punished, and most wouldn't read after 30.
W: Back at Logan's Run for l'apres-midi.
M: I didn't get to glimpse the blueprints yet.
W: You can build a chicken run for less than a coup.
M: Sounds like pure mathematics, unless you are math-phobic.
W: Phoh, Bic?
M: The door to the pizza parlor.
W: Pizzas in acute try-angels.
M: What are your requirements for a happy life?
W: A quire of cues.
M: The sun obliterated all knowledge of that.
W: The pool sticks, throw in a bit of glisserin'.
M: Why this effort to make something be here, in full 3-dimensional reality?
W: Dim, dharma, on a dime.
M: Weight, weight, don't toll me!
W: Toleranti.
M: That includes me.
W: So glad.
M: Out sighed, when in stepped the quart-une.
W: In vingt-et-un.
M: I don't want to hear about a bank.
W: Ban the K!
M: The pool sticks, throw in a bit of glisserin'.
W: Glissandi.
M: Earn it.
W: Learn it.
M: Not my kind of a room.
W: It's a tough room, I'll grant ye.
M: (Feels his temple with fingers)
W: Groaning?
M: Did you put the room into any particular order?
W: Yes, I ordered it from "Hey!" to "See!
M: It can be half and half. It must be agonizing, out there in the maelstrom.
W: And that is exactly where I must go.
M: It sounds like we have the same job!
W: Saying bye-bye?
M: Not a kind of exoticism that serves no other purpose.
W: Exorbitant witticisms.
M: (In radio)
W: You've transmitterated!
M: Don't hide your fireworks.
W: X: plodding legalities?
M: That?
W: Not that.
M: What you never see is always what you get.
W: Invisible plastrons?
M: You've transmitterated!
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!