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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The Mirror: It was only a trope, perceive me

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: You pick and choose between topics.
W: What is the topic in between topics, the subtext, or is that too obvious?
M: Why were you afraid to personify yourself, in confronting this perfect mirror?
W: Again you challenge me!
M: By "landscape," I meant something else.
W: Turner?
M: I guess it would be a barnut.
W: A barista?
M: If this camera could wind back, I could correct that.
W: I would as well, it came from a spacebar oddity.
M: When she opened her eyes, she felt as if some of the splashed water had entered.
W: As long as there wasn't soap in it.
M: Wait a minute, I mistook you for somebody else.
W: Who did you think I was?
M: The landscapes of our lives, perhaps.
W: I am only a background, only an extra?
M: Which isn't always a word, of course.
W: More a state of being.
M: He checked his watch just to make sure.
W: Was he really here, really on time for the big picture?
M: Lags, languors, langoustines ...
W: Don't eat eels.
M: Do you remember somebody saying, "I didn't hear you the first time"?
W: People say that to me a lot, accuse me of mumbling in the meubles.
M: I am only a background, only an extra?
W: Oh no, you are too much more than that, I assure you.
M: You should be doubly alive.
W: I won't live for two parties.
M: As long as there wasn't soap in it.
W: It was a soap opera, as it involved family relations.
M: Why?
W: Because that is what there is on the planet.
M: As long as there wasn't soap in it.
W: That was only an expression, about the soap commercials.
M: Wallace Stevens was another very sensitive instrument.
W: He was, but he was also an insurance man.
M: In the same series.
W: A poetry series, that would be.
M: She has unknowable experiences in her life.
W: Who, Wallace Stevens' wife?
M: Only find out what you sense is there, that's all.
W: I am still thinking about Gibberish as its own language, maybe something to do with Edward Gibbon?
M: That was before.
W: That was when we were talking about Gibberish, she and I.
M: Look at it this way.
W: (Looks)
M: Ding-aling-aling!
W: That is the sound of a bell, but on paper.
M: This helps.
W: Better to be a help than a hindrance.
M: What is the mystery, is it Eleusinian?
W: If only it were so enraptured!
M: You don't find it entertaining?
W: I did, very much so, but Gibbon perfused me.
M: But you didn't tell me what you saw.
W: I saw the onomatopoetic sound of a little street bell.
M: This isn't a difference of opinion, this is ...
W: Qualitatively different, an unreconcilable rift?
M: I do have the feeling we're back where we started.
W: Aria da capo, I'll grant you that.
M: Keep it open.
W: Keep the "style" open?
M: The only hope I had of sleeping is to re-begin my attack on habit.
W: Are you trying to get rid of the sleeping habit, the nuns?
M: I think we were talking about states of being.
W: It was only a trope, perceive me.
M: I saw the onomatopoetic sound of a little street bell.
W: It was the grinding of a street organ.
M: Trying to get back on my good side by mentioning lilacs?
W: I haven't, but I will.
M: See?
W: I do see.
M: I gave up.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!