"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Friday, April 04, 2008


The Mirror: Paradise is full of propellers?

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Beyond, a whole world.
W: Are you encouraging me to go out amongst 'em?
M: (Pause, re-enter)
W: Now who are you?
M: As world and word lose brilliant articulation, my consciousness seems oriented to something beyond the world.
W: So the near is fading out.
M: The impulse matures, which means everything else in the world, into which the impulse is planted by speech, corrupts it.
W: It sounds like when sound waves degrade but still exist in some form.
M: Then we should shake hands --
W: (Shakes)
M: The beatific vision is to see people as non-worms.
W: Or non-apes.
M: Is that a hint that we should add more of Foreman's quotes to the mix?
W: Is Foreman less ape than the rest of us?
M: Don't feel too sad about this, we can improvise.
W: I am trying my level best.
M: Thank you.
W: You are too kind.
M: Look into my eyes and see nothing.
W: Mesmer.
M: I don't know what to write.
W: Write a letter to the Bureau of Internal Cupboards.
M: But invisible.
W: In invisible ink?
M: Language fails me here.
W: You can't see the language written invisibly.
M: Tell me about Richard Foreman.
W: He is an avant-garde playwright based in New York City.
M: You are too kind.
W: It was easy for me to tell you what I already knew.
M: We are both humble enough.
W: We are marvelously polite today.
M: You can't see the language written invisibly.
W: Maybe you're writing secret insults?
M: Sure, suit yourself.
W: No, I won't go there.
M: Try putting a stop to it.
W: I can't stop you from doing it, at least not right this minute.
M: I don't have as much money as an ATM!
W: Does it take that much money to keep from insulting people?
M: Here I am, doing my Paradise thing.
W: In Paradise, are there insults?
M: Propellers on things.
W: Paradise is full of propellers?
M: How does one exit?
W: By saying "Goodbye."
M: We could try.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!