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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Parla Ping Outfit Idea, 01-20-06

Parla Ping Outfit Idea, 01-20-06Drew this last night while in the audience at the local open mic. Contrary to popular belief, you can draw and listen at the same time. In fact, drawing may increase one's listening powers. It makes everything flow better ... Alert viewers may notice the shag haircut and different, perhaps more assertive stance of this sketch, compared to Parla's usual look. In fact, the pic reminds me of a mod Japanese boy ... The hat is inspired directly by an actual "newsboy cap" worn by a very beautiful young woman, an assistant at our local library. Her hat is pumpkin orange leather with diagonal stitching ... Was also inspired by the snappy pantsuits that one of my friends is designing for Parla.


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