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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Patterns, 01-21-06

Patterns, 01-21-06ArtCluster piece, taking the top half of the board. Some kid was on who was afraid to draw in the lower half while I was drawing. Finally I persuaded him to go for it. I mean, if you can't let loose in ArtCluster, where can you let loose? Nowhere on this side of the grave ...
Patterns, 01-21-06/02Thinking of the word abrash the whole time, used Paint and PowerPoint (just the more/less brightness/contrast features) to extend the motif ... Then checked back at ArtCluster to see if the kid had kept drawing on his half of the page, and lo and behold, he had. Flower Power, psychedelia and all that, ruled the day.


These are wonderfully exuberant! Quite the contrast from the stark white snow and gray sky on this day in Maine.
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