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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Mirror: Calling up the spirit of water

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Never tell me who you are.
W: Not even on the Fourth of Never?
M: (A refusal to use my intelligence)
W: Gather your intelligence while ye may.
M: I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but that is what I know and all I can know.
W: I accept your limitations, do you accept mine?
M: What is your favorite daydream?
W: A country where no one expects anything out of anybody else.
M: I wouldn't go that far.
W: I know, it does sound a bit unlikely.
M: Here it is.
W: Are we here now already, in the Land of Total Acceptance?
M: You didn't explain.
W: I tried to be succinct.
M: What do you know about radioactive isotopes?
W: I know there are hundreds of them for certain elements.
M: When does one testify to the disappearing act?
W: Many isotopes may not be visible to the naked eye.
M: Me neither.
W: I can't see you, only your picture.
M: I think Pound's early work is very beautiful.
W: We can't see Pound anymore, either.
M: And the nostrils quivered like wind casting words through the branches of trees he clung to, climbing, climbing --
W: When horses gallop hard, their nostrils flare.
M: A country where no one expects anything out of anybody else.
W: I would not expect a horse to pull carriages or ploughs.
M: How many parts does a machine have?
W: It depends on which machine you are talking about.
M: I know, it does sound a bit unlikely.
W: It is unlikely that I would have a list of machine parts.
M: Eels are slippery characters.
W: Machine parts are slippery if coated with oil.
M: Many isotopes may not be visible to the naked eye.
W: There are machines which smash atoms.
M: One's weight takes on a life of its own.
W: The atomic weight of an element is related to its complexity.
M: Until that point tinies itself into non-existence.
W: Can't things get tinier and tinier forever?
M: The plate of water tilted.
W: Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen.
M: Your reign here on earth.
W: We're only here because of water.
M: Four hands lay on the table, and the table felt inclined to tilt.
W: Calling up the spirit of water?
M: Neither is insulting people, unless you're Lenny Bruce redux.
W: No one at the table practiced insult humor.
M: I don't know how to toss caution to the wind.
W: The wind may contain water vapor.
M: Let's both be happy.
W: Can you be happy on command?
M: Where shall I put it?
W: Put the command aside.
M: What sense?
W: In the sense of ordering someone to do something, put that aside.
M: Frankly, I can only give you a ballpark figure.
W: Do you have to be paid not to command?
M: I contemplated the beautiful moth with its large gray body.
W: Those who contemplate are less likely to command.
M: Put the command aside.
W: Enter a state of contemplation.
M: Perhaps you don't need me.
W: Perhaps not.
M: Yes, what can you do about it?
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!