"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Mirror: It can only be expressed in Vendergood

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: It's an explosive subject, China these days.
W: Don't crash or thrash china.
M: Of course I am!
W: You're crashing?
M: I thought they were a little iffy, in a live magic act.
W: The reconstructed platelets?
M: A taxi rounded a corner in the city, and a hat blew, wind at work, into the air.
W: Wind does not work, at least in these (p)latitudes.
M: Death is no help, because it merely fulfils a pretend expectation.
W: What shall we pretend to expect?
M: As appealing as a sin.
W: I appeal to you on the grounds of sin-crony-city.
M: Speaking the unknowable language that expresses what is inside me.
W: It can only be expressed in Vendergood.
M: You won't even hear of a poker game!
W: No, because he was seven.
M: I'll add something when you're done.
W: A biography of William James Sidis?
M: If I were the right species, I could perhaps jump over myself.
W: That's something even the Giga Societeers can't do!
M: Are you a jaguar?
W: I am not My Mother the Car.
M: Don't crash or thrash china.
W: Thrushes thrash in the rushes.
M: I would rather see people as angels.
W: I would rather people a Sea of Angel(e)s.
M: I am not My Mother the Car.
W: Auto-mother.
M: On the other hand, am I trapped?
W: Inside China?
M: I appeal to you on the grounds of sin-crony-city.
W: It's no sin to have cronies in a city, especially in parallel praxis.
M: Not that I heard.
W: You heard right, bucko.
M: That erases nothing.
W: Are we having an e-race?
M: I want a radio station that broadcasts bee initiatives.
W: The poor bees are in trouble, at least the agribees.
M: I will catch up to you sooner or later.
W: Is there a space between us?
M: No.
W: Good, then you have caught.
M: Emotional traps should be kept in the bottle.
W: Of sticking plasters and ressentiments.
M: Jacks wearing jackboots, terrible idea.
W: Queens wearing Queen(an)'s-lace, wonderful idea.
M: We can do without the turban for now.
W: Just deck it with a bit of widow's weed.
M: All right, I'll give you your privacy.
W: Bye now!
M: That is a very complicated aphorism.
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!