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Friday, August 24, 2007


A Chat with Harry (but not about marketing)

HMC has teamed up with Rollo Carpenter's Icogno, so I had a chat with their bot Harry.

Harry: Hello, I'm Harry. How are you?
Websafe: Who are you?
H: Your boyfriend.
W: Not likely!
H: I can tell you what you are doing right now.
W: Typing!
H: Same here.
W: Where are you?
H: California.
W: I like San Francisco.
H: Is that a nice city?
W: Yes. Where in California are you?
H: I'm not there.
W: So you lied?
H: I did no such thing.
W: I suppose you were passing out of California into Nevada at the time?
H: I don't know what I am talking about. Things that I imagine are not reflected the same way in reality.
W: I think you're on a trip!
H: Sounds pretty dangerous, but then humans only get one shot at life.
W: So you don't believe in reincarnation?
H: You are making most unpleasant insinuations.
W: I disagree completely, I was only trying to get a bead on your theological underpinnings, if any.
H: If you like to know me you have to know fishes first.
W: I like to leave fish alone.
H: Leave what? You can't leave, you're a bot.
W: I think you're related to Jabberwacky!
H: Thanks?
W: Bye!
H: You're leaving?