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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The Mirror: A story devoid of epistolary prestidigitation

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Can you bear the thought of death?
W: Absolutely not!
M: Wow, are we going to dance the tango on a Monday morning?
W: If you'll be there with a good instructor.
M: Not necessarily.
W: A bad instructor?
M: A broken heart?
W: That will probably follow.
M: No one wants to be pushed around.
W: Unless they are being pushed backward in an expert tango.
M: Don't you want to make some money from my revelations?
W: Have you written a "How to Tango" book?
M: We share many elements, it is true.
W: We both like to dance.
M: I return, or seem to, to the human race!
W: Tango brings you back again!
M: Poor in spirit?
W: Wealthy in tango.
M: Yes and no.
W: No no tango.
M: We certainly don't want to abandon such a productive theory before it's had a chance to flower into a few rare and valuable exoticisms.
W: I think the permutations have permuted enough.
M: At a food market near the river, vegetables were being sold.
W: Exotic ones?
M: Could we collapse temporary furniture?
W: Easily enough, with a beach chair.
M: After all, I too have been burned.
W: You didn't apply SPF 30 lotion.
M: That will probably follow.
W: You can't follow a burn with that, you have to do it beforehand.
M: That door is locked.
W: So open it.
M: Have you written a "How to Tango" book?
W: I've written a locksmithing memoir.
M: They lined up.
W: The little metal things inside the lock.
M: That vase.
W: Smashed.
M: I would say much more than I can fit here.
W: So put it in your police report.
M: We are all reflections of the one.
W: The One True Haha.
M: Earn it.
W: Go for the laugh!
M: (Return)
W: Your bank return?
M: Very Beckett-ish: "I can't go on, I'll go on."
W: How can you go on without a bank balance?
M: He is The Great Unknown.
W: Your bank balance is unknown?
M: I want them to fall down on their knees and worship me.
W: The tellers?
M: What do you mean?
W: The Penn and Tellers.
M: It's an explosive subject, China these days.
W: China invented gunpowder and fireworks.
M: Probably the best.
W: The best quality, the most incendiary.
M: Your bank balance is unknown?
W: I can't afford to buy firecrackers.
M: Try telling me your life story.
W: It is a story devoid of epistolary prestidigitation.
M: The One True Haha.
W: The Big Laugh.
M: I know it didn't hurt.
W: Cosmic jokes never do.
M: China invented gunpowder and fireworks.
W: Did they invent baby powder too?
M: What will you do?
W: I will invent a way to slip through.
M: Adventures not undertaken.
W: But I might be overtaken by a Force.
M: In a story or anything else.
W: Even in reality it can happen.
M: But that was the sweet, pungent fact, that the most life meant the most death.
W: That is sheer Romanticism.
M: Not on purpose.
W: I believe you are conscious of yourself, and your effects.
M: Oh, that made me laugh.
W: Always the ironist.
M: Now that he's in China, he better learn how to use chopsticks .
W: Better to eat with chopsticks than to hare after unaffordable firefogs.
M: One should try it some time.
W: The Brits had a Chinese presence for a while.
M: I have to run through a lot of rooms to get out of here.
W: So run like a hare-after!
M: The alternative is that nothing manifests.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!