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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


On the Streets

Lacking a 4-track recording device, I did my best to "multitrack" in a very lo-fi way, recording with a handheld tape recorder, no external mic, then playing the base track on the boom box while adding vocals, etc. On the Streets has 3 such "tracks," and was recorded on 07/08/00. 3:05 mins.

(Note: Most of this is original, but alert listeners will recognize the first line, freely modified, of Someday My Prince Will Come from the classic Disney musical Sleeping Beauty.)

This is an audio post of 'On the Streets' -- Click to play

On the Streets

Track 1
Please give me a piece, please

Track 2
You're on the streets, you're on the streets, you're on the streets again
You're at the mercy, the mercy, the mercy of men

Track 3
Someday my prince will come
Someday he'll come for me
He's shining like the sun
Over the shining sea