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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Fourth of July Rap

Here's my first audio post, a 2.5-minute rap, originally recorded on analog audiocassette tape in very lo-fi fashion back in July 2000. Lyrics, melody, vocals and choice of canned beat are all by me.

This is an audio post of

Fourth of July Rap

I look outside
At the passing scene
And it looks like a page
From a magazine

I take my clothes
To the laundromat
And I feel like the girl
From The Cat in the Hat

I follow that cat
Going up a tree
And the Cheshire grin
Smiles back at me

I see my girlfriends
In a rage
But it all looks better
On the printed page

The black cat's style
Has a complex grace
Which is dying out
Of the human race

American project
Running wild
By the virtual real
We are all beguiled

When you get to the end
Of the looking glass
Did you make the grade?
Did you finally pass?

Did you wash your clothes
In the inky bright?
Did you free your flag
In the perpetual night?

Did the flag fly free?
Did the cat come back?
Did you find the gray
Between white and black?