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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Hello Java World

Had my second tutoring session with the computer tutor at the local senior center. Now retired, he worked as a physicist. He also taught Java at a community college, so he's going to try and teach me that. I have to read the first 2 chapters (72 pp.) of a 1,000+ pp. book, Beginning Java 2 by Ivor Horton, by next Wednesday.

We spent half of today's session downloading the necessary Java platform, about 50 MB (it took about 40 minutes). During that time, we discussed machine language and assembly language, as well as Goedel and Leibniz. Then we downloaded a big bunch of examples from the book. Next week we're going to install this platform, so that I can begin to run sample Java programs. He told me that the typical college format was 3 hours lecture followed by 3 hours lab. (How do people have the stamina for that?)

Relevance to an artist? Well, the Groupboard's a Java applet. Wouldn't it be cool if I could make my own with customized features?