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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Draggable Objects within Posts?

If the test works, these shapes will drag right within the post.

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Pretty Cool!
WOAH!!! I had fun dragging things!!! Also, Parla Ping is looking quite dapper these days. Or I guess the better descriptor would be "sharp."
I have some money in my pocket and I am thinking of taking the plunge and buying a film for my camera, which I have been wanting to do since I got here. If I do, I could shoot some pix of TRENDY BOUTIQUE WINDOWS in Center City Philadelphia. You think Parla would like to see them?? I am getting so good at this computer stuff (HA! well, it's all relative!) maybe I could even scan them on the Royersford Public Library scanner, which, sadly, is not very good quality and is not adjustable in any way -- but that is good too because that makes it EASY TO USE -- and email them to you. Please remind me if I forget.
In theory I should now be able to post this as a Blogger user, eh? Here goes. Wish me luck! -- sheila
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