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That Fit, We Tint"

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Mirror: Portly gentleman, in a storm

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Maybe you don't like Stevens' feet of clay.
W: True, Wallace Stevens was not perfect in his character.
M: I'm listening, did you have anything special you wanted to say?
W: Something about "pounds sterling" and Stevens' avoirdupois, perhaps.
M: Myself.
W: Are you a portly gentleman, in a storm?
M: That doesn't remind me of country-and-western music.
W: Those senior Nashvillians may be over mail weight.
M: It's up to you to smooth the ruffled feathers.
W: Of the banty roosters?
M: Be productive.
W: I produce opinions and reactions to Henry James' "tales."
M: Then whatever happens, you'll stay in here with us?
W: I will stay in the Book.
M: (She covers her mouth)
W: Are you chuckling?
M: I think you have a pressing need for time travel.
W: I would like to travel back to the 1880s, can you arrange it?
M: What's it like?
W: Some might call it the height of James' prose style.
M: It has to do with selling books.
W: Though a man on Twitter called HJ a "capital bore," saying no one reads him nowadays.
M: Please.
W: I know!
M: Absence as a randomly occurring opening.
W: He certainly had an absence of appreciation, that Tweeter.
M: I suppose you want to propitiate them.
W: On the contrary, I think they should propitiate me.
M: Never sharpen your thoughts to a point: Break them off, in their nakedness.
W: That reminds me of a Gissing quote, from Isabel Clarendon.
M: My background is.
W: You come from Wakefield?
M: I produce opinions and reactions to Henry James' "tales."
W: But have you read Gissing?
M: In my book, that says it all.
W: I know, there is something irresistible about GG's immensely lonely subjectivity.
M: On the contrary, I find you an excellent conversationalist.
W: Not overly subjective?
M: What is your name?
W: It is not Gissing, nor is it James.
M: Then you're wrong.
W: You wanted to speak with a canonical author?
M: In this brief period so many words pass by, who remembers all of them?
W: Don't bother to try, read the canon instead.
M: Is that anything like flying?
W: Yes, one boards the word-airplane and is immediately borne aloft.
M: Masons hold secret knowledge.
W: But books hold better.
M: Theories release energies.
W: I would like to be released from all theories.
M: Here I am, doing my thing in Paradise.
W: Is the release from all theories a paradise?
M: No one can see me, therefore I do not exist.
W: Invisible in Heaven.
M: An apple.
W: Don't eat it, whatever you do!
M: They have taken vows of poverty.
W: The saints.
M: Are we marching?
W: In, we are!
M: You did, you reflected me clearly at least twice.
W: I am a pool.
M: There are no intellectuals on ChatZilla.
W: They lounge by the waters of Babylon.
M: Not so.
W: Then where?
M: I would like to be released from all theories.
W: You find me prejudicial?
M: Now my hand is well covered.
W: Are you playing poker?
M: Infants do need a lot of socialization.
W: Should babies be taught such high stakes?
M: You better not have any of this stuff.
W: I don't want it, take it away.
M: There are many versions of you?
W: In place, yes.
M: Encoded in my words, a word.
W: I will rack my brains to find that Scrabble letter.
M: Did I hear the phone ring?
W: You had better answer it, instead of hinting around.
M: Open the can of snakes.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!