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That Fit, We Tint"

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


The Mirror: The landscape of the mined

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: If that's your desire, I don't understand why you speak.
W: I want to make a video recording.
M: Nobody uses the kitchen.
W: They might if they were making a "garage-style" or "basement-tape" recording.
M: But if it comes through somebody else, and I'm captured by it, then I'm completely learning something.
W: It will come through YouTube, Google Video or the like.
M: Is it a very old cat?
W: He was too young when he left us.
M: You think I'm calling them obsessive and limited?
W: Authors may have such a focus.
M: The facts aren't always the facts?
W: Well, we are talking of fiction writers.
M: Neither Lowell nor Berryman were idiots, but they were both bipolar.
W: Genius and "madness" have a long history of fraternity.
M: Dim, dharma, on a dime.
W: Kerouac, was he a genius or a bum?
M: Oh, you want to win the game?
W: Competition might spoil the art.
M: No, I go.
W: It is your turn.
M: The Mirror does not skip a beat, I see.
W: You are a good tennis player.
M: Are you speaking for the committee?
W: There are a bunch of others here, but they don't function as a quorum.
M: By "landscape," I meant something else.
W: Landscape painters, the landscape of the mined?
M: How does the land lie?
W: Like a breech birth.
M: I'm not a violent person.
W: We won't erupt.
M: I don't see anybody else present in this room.
W: Where you are, you are solo.
M: Genius and "madness" have a long history of fraternity.
W: And sorority, let's not forget the sistahs.
M: What a relief that would be, if it were real!
W: If real equality existed?
M: I appreciate your appreciation.
W: Feminism?
M: Do you charge $25 a word?
W: That word is priceless.
M: Do you have an order for me?
W: Apollonian, please.
M: An imitation.
W: We often imitate the Ancient Greeks.
M: Are we back with King Arthur again?
W: Well before that.
M: Perhaps in the Mage-center.
W: The first ideas of influence.
M: It might.
W: What might, does it make right?
M: Well, from whence arises the possibility of hunger, even if it is then spiritualized?
W: Wanting that which is not here, not yet.
M: Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story about that.
W: Anderson's stories often ended badly.
M: To skid on things.
W: She stuck, was sucked down to the bottom of the marsh, due to her vanity and arrogance.
M: I'm so glad you said that.
W: Did you read that story too?
M: Where are you going, and are you going to be back soon?
W: I am going to watch an old Charlie Rose interview with David Foster Wallace.
M: How many of us does it take to change things completely?
W: You are socially beyond me there.
M: You mean if they're closed?
W: Closed minds.
M: Ah, you're right.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye.